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  1. thanks....so is daily castilla...i think i didnt read all..thanks for info
  2. Sorry for new topic but.. you get 100 l2m coins from castilla 1 time 50 l2m coins for 3000 monster defeat and every day for 6 hour a day for 20 days is 10X6 = 60 l2m coins X20 days =1200 l2m coins and from castilla 100 and 50 from defeating monsters 1200 +100+50 = 1350 how to get to 1500 for hewr ? i dont understant to get the rest 150 ?from what event?npc?tell me pls how.
  3. i never seen for over a year a free event good for non visa players. we dream at weapons,armors, anything free....for those non visa player, not top players like last event when all top players got zariche,akamans weapons, us non visa got great medicine ...i dont even know why you put something like that in a event...at least a selenite,elcyum something for 1 euro..not great medicine ...realy.. you give us exalted weapon,armors, talismans, but increase mob reziste in all instance, and drop to.....so..is the same.. give us something for free...just to be free..but increase rezistence
  4. server is up or something wrong with update?\
  5. Mates.....people..friend... ncwest doesn't put your hand in your pocket to buy an event. At lest...juji,hime,sunshine...every month make free events...for those who doesnt pay so we can still play here. i dont see a future in this game..i play for fun. make free events ..so at least to login 2-3 characters .. and play 2-3 hours a day. realy i dont know what to say .people are leaving live ants on a flood :) those who say are $$$ visa,master. and some of us nondonators .
  6. look at final mate...and go 480 p...i dont know why is not working at 720...hd..
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge8ykdlLV1A
  8. many people left..many people play for free (we dont have adena because is to expensive to buy one weapon...) cant make money from quest, cant make nothing..dont bother to say...even events su.ks..20 scrols for +3 cloack.. just wanted to try..but that was my last buy.... for 3 monts.. mobs are harder in pi, storm, crisis. in pi even with party is hard to kill...we get killed... so ....how to make money?how to get a weapon... i never seen a drop on pi for months..only if you have prestige pack.. but...what can you do with prestige if 6 people from party d
  9. 20 scrols to +3 ...what a joke nc... thanks for 1900 ncoins spending... pff.. shame on you
  10. realy cant you do something about this disconects? cant even make castilla and i get disconects.. not to say to go daily or instances daily.. do something about it.
  11. i mailed to support..i hope they will help me thanks for info
  12. error 99150 what can i do ?not with credit card not with paypal ? i try to send mail to support , but error..try in a few moments..and...try and try and try.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0h5FzKSerU&ab_channel=-eXEQ7er- look how fast he find about gredy chest, and 1 shots. and you want that we low players have a chance ?:)) maybe make greedy chest for low lvl to..so big players cant hit that box,only players low lvl.
  14. again another event for those who pay even if i buy 140 lovely chocolate bonus, even, if you buy you dont get 1 of those top..a limited +20, a +10 leviatan, epic, heaven talisman....at least something equal with 8000 Ncoins..or 16,000 ncoins. you will get rune, silenite, maph luck, blessed dragon shirt valiant scrol, honey dark beer those last rounds from event must be deleted so we have a chance to get at least something in the middle, one lvl 11 kain, leona, destruction scrols...royal...something like that.. i`ll watch youtube and i will see...those who pay...they will b
  15. I haved my name green, for around 2 month, then the clan leader i ask him to make me elite, then i get white name again. why ? Name scrofinela Naia server
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