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  1. lvl 100 and what now?

    I completely agree.. The only thing for lvl 100 is the 40k quest at BS... which is completely swarmed... A least earlier there was some daily quest.. but now nothing..
  2. Revelation skill level 2

    Hi all I am wondering about the revelation skill level 2 and whether a upgrade via ability skills is still working ?? I took the skill berserkers Eagle and was expecting my revelation skill Savage to increase in level, but that did not happened.. Thank you for the help
  3. was resolved by logging in and out of the game
  4. Hi NCsoft. All the quest from Penny and Herphah have been removed and not really replaced. The new quest Where Fates Intersect can't be chosen as option at Tarti and since that quest can't be started then lvl 95 quest from Joachim can't be started either, as the other quest is required.. This seems odd ??