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  1. I moved to Silent valley and kept getting DCed all the time until i cannot login anymore, i didnt had any disconnect issues before i moved there, i was quite surprised it was kinda empty tbh, but why can't i even start the laucher or access my account to send a ticket?
  2. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    I got 5x dced in the last 4h and now i can't even start the laucher and i can't figure out why
  3. Epics

    It's not that i don't know the law, or anything related to that, i just stated a fact that comes since 2004/2005, since i play this game that i've always seen a lot of automated characters. It's a lot of time to acknowledge a problem and address it accordingly. But yes your point makes perfect sense, they get much more money from other markets and other platforms but still they fail on what is the most important part as being a game producer company, the costumer. If they really care about them, this game, Aion and every game they have would be much more successful.
  4. Cloak Promo and L2store update

    true but what i meant is that the whales are the ones getting ncsoft their annual revenue, not the "ebayer" or the casual player, simply because there are no items that you can buy to improve your ingame experience and gain access to the engame conntent, wich is pretty hard for the common folks to enjoy
  5. Epics

    what about making all items account locked with the option to unlock paying nccoins, quite like longing talisman?
  6. Epics

    Have you seen innova? everyone and his mother have at least one dragon weapon stage 2
  7. Epics

    NCsoft and NCwest specifically failed to understand the west market, it is a failed policy. Your solution seems very good, world bosses instanced so everyone can experience it, it would make a smaller gap between top and bottom players and overall make the game more enjoyable, but how to monetize that? Truly free with everything in game would take away the money from the company but would increase the player base, that's a conversation that they have to get eventually, the company depends on profits and if they fail to deliver to the shareholders they will close. The bot problem over the years over here is still a big part of the problem, and it leads to rmt, at this point i think it is undeniable that the company somehow profits from this, or they would make it harder for them. Any solutions?
  8. Cloak Promo and L2store update

    You have no clue, ncoins aren't for low/mid players, it's for the whales to pay for the server...7 clients removes the need for people to invest...and makes the server heavy all the time, removing the ability of those who invest to log in.
  9. Cloak Promo and L2store update

    There are a lot more sources to seek information from... Anyway why are you so mad? I just raised a question and it wasn't even specifically for you, i just wanted to know why people complaint about game design to Juji when it is done over seas and plain ahead of us to be able to prepare. Btw, from the business perspective, 3 client are 2 more clients anyway, don't expect that to change into 7, altho i understand and sometimes wanted to play another character or leave a shop in Aden, what it really does is making servers full of 7 man partys everywhere, is that the way you want to play this game?
  10. Cloak Promo and L2store update

    you have a forum topic here called "Future updates discussion", you have the next update translated there, you are welcome.
  11. Red Libra

    Probably when the new update hits, January or February 2020
  12. Cloak Promo and L2store update

    The main problem is the event prices, that drives the game i know, but a lot of players quit or move to other servers because of it, it also needs an improvement to make it worth paying the fee as Draeke pointed out. The drop problem that everyone talks about, it's a game feature, good drops in end game instances that get nerfed as the population reaches there, it's the game design, blame the Koreans... Anyway, before complaints, you should really read and learn how the updates are going over in Korea, nerf stick and booming prices are coming, stay ahead mate.
  13. Lindivior Shooter

    Damn, we should start to see better weapons soon, any blood stained weapon already made?
  14. Streamers

    Why are there so few streamers and youtube content about official servers? if you go on twich, there are mostly illegal server players, it is a wasted marketing NCwest, just saying
  15. Lindivior Shooter

    Where is it? who bought it? eXQ7er did not have it last olympyads