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    Let me guess, you have no luck dyes, used no LUC boosts, have no enchant shirt but tried regardless and now you are complaining? I made my own +10, over 3 cloak events and after 21 or 22 legendary scrolls made it legendary, it is hard, i mean, really hard, but if you are not making everything to maximize the probability of succeeding, why are you whining?
  2. new patch date?

  3. new patch date?

    Anyone got info about the R110 gear upgrades? no more elcyum needed to upgrade weapons and only 1 bloody/dark stone, instead of 30, needed to improve to Limited?
  4. new patch date?

    And the changes on upgrading R110 gear? No more elcyum needed?
  5. Cloak Augments

    Sure Tyr is going through a great overhalling, but since for PVE is the same normal crit and p skill crit will only be efective in PVP, there is no clear choice. Pve +5% for PVE( cause all dmg, P skill and P crit) and P skill crit for PVP?
  6. Physical Skill Critical Damage: Which Items Have It?

    Baium isn't misleading, it's normal P atk crit dmg and M skill crit damage just like the God Rings. P Skill crit dmg on rings are in oly ring, Fallen angel's ring and Angel's ring i believe, read those descriptions and you understand how it is written and dipicted there.
  7. Cloak Augments

    What are the best cloak augments for each class and cloak and why? Elmore with PVE aug or Normal Crit Damage for titan? Obviosly P. skill crit for archers M. skill crit for Feohs and more?
  8. Lineage II NA just turned 16

    https://imgur.com/PtvtAK5 It's my main but i have older chars, probably from 2005.
  9. What is your take on the next patch? When will it hit NCwest servers, any planned date? Just took a look at the other regions patch notes and it looks nifty. Antharas instanced for everyone with normal loot looks a pretty good step forward. What are your thoughts about it?
  10. Distant memory

    + Beeing in Hearbreakers clan on Franz, starting Baium, fight over it, had no time so i had to sleep and work the next day, but when i came home from work they were still fighting over it! damn, we won tho.
  11. Distant memory

    I fought Beya in olympiad and as a tank i crited her with a bow and killed her, if i didnt crit i would loose haha, old times mate.
  12. unfair the game now

    we need more players! it is a step in the right direction, anyway we need a little more from the korean developers to really get more people, specifically the old nostalgic players, game should be a little more rewarding and with more content to the average players, rewarding instances for example, cause the game atm is kartia and afk xp until olympiad comes. Keep in mind that the game is very old, they might be looking to phase it out and focus on newer projects.
  13. Apart from prices , that depend on region, they can't change much of the game, it's a korean game and reflects the korean culture, most of the changes already happened there, i'm just looking for a decent translation to be informed about it. @Draecke give us one of your sources!
  14. Is it normal path to 100 then abandoned coal mines? or am i missing a better path?
  15. You can buy the enchants with Elkia in Blackbird Campsite