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  1. enchant rate for cloaks

    it is a very good item to have but very hard to make, and its not only the enchant part, you have to make it legendary to go further and even waste a ton trying to get a decent augment, overall it's very expensive and it has a huge probability to end up with empty hands, the feeling you get from this event is probably frustration and there should be something you could get from it even if it all fails.
  2. Phoenix Blood Deleted? Alchemy/Craft Broken

    You can buy it in L2store for 20k
  3. How to get brooch

    its Herpnah in heine, do the 85-99 adventure guide quest chain
  4. cloak enchant rippoff

    i got Longing at 1st try, korean random at its best, but that doesnt mean i don't make what is possible to make the path easier to achieve the wanted outcome. With this event, best option is to enchant 3/4 cloaks at the same time and end up with the best one after all enchants run out, make all +4, try enchant all and leave the higher one untouched, enchant the other 3 to the same value etc, with at least 60 LUC in char, ofc it might fail, but at least you are playing it safe
  5. How to get brooch

    Go to heine near hellbound teleport, talk to NPC
  6. cloak enchant rippoff

    In everything associated with enchant, you need a character with the maximum number of LUC, why would you go to a business without stacking the odds in your favor? As i understand, you got greedy and outplayed yourself, learn the game and be patient...
  7. wtb/wts stuff

    Set sold Set Bought wts enhanced shadow slasher wtb bloody slasher
  8. wtb/wts stuff

    wts +10 dark leather set wts enhanced shadow slasher tyr wtb +10 bloody/blessed/normal heavy set wtb +12 bloody slasher
  9. Disappointing

    just make some powders and buy a lvl3 or lvl4 saphire right away, you have to play the odds into your favor, game is hard and complex, thats why i love it.
  10. wtb +8 Bloody heavy set

    wtb +8 Bloody heavy set. also looking for prices on +10 bloody , +10 dark or +8 Dark heavy or light set prices. contact here or ingame "Neesir
  11. Krishna exchange price

    Great info, thanks.
  12. man, read the patch notes again, you can upgrade from +6 blessed eternal and above , and when you trade you only loose one enchant so you get +5 enchanted Leviathan.
  13. Krishna exchange price

    I believe the price is the same for any blessed/bloody/dark upgrade, it just depends on lvl. And if you upgrade a blessed +7 you will get a +5 enchanted Krshna weapon, not standart. Anyway , anyone knows the upgrade price for +7/+8/+9? on site it just says frrom +10 and beyond.
  14. Weapon Upgrade Query in New Patch

    It all stays, you loose 2 enchants.