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  1. Neesir


    Well, Notic in core one shots the 110 baylors, worth checking.
  2. On Core there is an archer that makes 3 groups in altar 2, 3b/h and you have better runes in ncwest, so i'd say, 10b/day is a low number...Add in solo Throne, Toi 3, and that number should be way higher.
  3. Well you are correct but i just stated all items to aim to, and some are more important than others. Anyway i am just sharing information and my take on the subject, take it as you want.
  4. Ok guys, best setup for skill critical damage path should be something like this, at least from my understanding, wich is always improving: +8/+10 R110 light set. (10 % skill cooldown) + 5% Skill Power(Light set bonus) vs 5% P.Skill critical damage(Heavy set bonus). +5 Radiant Warrior circlet ( +10 P.Skill critical damage, +7% Patk, +5% P.Skill Power,+50 Attribute,+5 STR) Lv2 Heir Radiance PVE/PVP (Stats + Patk and later PVE/PVP dmg) +5 Dragon Rind Leather Shirt(Stats + Pdef + 3% Cooldown) Dragon Slasher (30% P.Skill critical damage + 30% P.Skill critical rat
  5. Ok guys, best settup for skill crit dmg path should be this: +8/+10 R110 light set. (10 % skill cooldown) + 5% skill power(Light set bonus) vs 5% skill crit dmg(Heavy set bonus). +5 Radiant Warrior circlet ( +10 Skill crit dmg, +7% patk) Lv2 Heir Radiance PVE/PVP (stats + Patk and later PVE/PVP dmg) +5 Dragon Rind Leather Shirt(stats + Pdef) Dragon Slasher (30% skill crit dmg + 30% skill crit rate) +5 Superior Brooch (stats + Patk trigger) Greater Ruby, Greater Red Cat's Eye, Greater Aquamarine(cooldown), Greater Opal, Greater Emerald,+ 1 G tanzanite/G Diamon
  6. Skill Crit dmg +20% is the best augment in this settup, with both +15% dmg or +15% skill power beeing good too.
  7. It's not up to them, Ncsoft korea runs the show and you don't see any summoner in their servers.
  8. Neesir

    Wts items

    +6 chef monkey belt sold +8 aires agathion sold +8 leo agathion sold +6 tauti ring sold abundance 1 sold greater kaliel bracelet +5 sold
  9. Neesir

    Wts items

    wts lvl 3 book + all artifacts
  10. Neesir

    Wts items

    Wts +8 Bloody Krishna 450 fire 3sa(kain 9/leona 9/Mystic) Wts +6 enchanted Leviathan Heavy set FE wts frenzied tauti axe wts +3 radiant authority circlet wts +6 chef monkey belt wts 7signs wts insanity wts abundance 1 wts greater kaliel bracelet +5 wts lv 2 seed bracelet wts +6 cancer agathion wts +8 aires agathion wts +8 leo agathion wts +7 taurus agathion wts +6 tauti ring wts venir 16
  11. This is a social experiment, and i thought that after all this lag, failed events and complaints about the state of the servers that they would come up with an amazing event so it would please everybody and boy was i wrong. It looks amazing on paper, with items you can buy, even overpriced, and all those goodies from the Treasure chests where 95% are good stuff but i spent 200€ and got nothing, funny how the chat isn't flooded with great rewards, either people are not getting anything or they just stop spending. And the servers are getting less populated, guess it is kinda working i guess.
  12. What does a complaint do without any actions supporting it? I'm with Voltaire on this, i might disagree with you but strongly defend your right to say rubbish. Most posts here are just complaints and yes game is flawed and we deserve party bonus, i'm no way against this but i am against people just blaming others, if you don't like it move on, maybe some of us already did that, some are on the verge of doing so as it is plain to see on the servers.
  13. TBH this is a great event, overpriced but great, just one thing remains, if the gamble does not pay off, you will lose the majority of the players here. Servers have been lagging and disconnecting players, which is normal with all this newcomers with this pandemic running around, but you guys have failed to improve it, you have managed to fail quite a few events for now, the last one, as an anniversary, was the worst ever and player base has plummeted, there is no progression for the majority of the players, no pvp in a pvp game, which is quite odd if you ask me, everything is just to pricey i
  14. Reduced mobs in heavy crowded placed, crowded with people, those people killing mobs next to each others transmit information to everybody that is close to them...
  15. NPC's don't lag the server, neither do mobs, it's the players iterations in large crowded areas that lag the server, to much information being transferred, to many actions.
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