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  1. Is that 90% of the population are ****. It's like the prison of the virtual world. You have people that are all in their 30s / 40s now and they still act like spoilt, selfish children. Even though the economy is a wasteland, it's not what is putting new players off the game. All the top levels moan about new players going to quit on them when they're the cause of the issue. Lowbies can't even level properly because they get PKd every 5 minutes by clans like Lotus who just want to steal rooms in Cruma to level their bot trains. /Rant over. 

  2. They don't care. They're on the take or something from the adena farmers. They never respond to a bot thread. Seriously give me the ban hammer for a day and I'll clear the server for you. Just walk through ROA / AC / EV. One quick walk a week would solve this. 

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  3. Delete the Elemental Summoner class from existence. Literally every scrap of code. It would clear out 90% of the bots on the server and 100% stop these annoying solo farming bots that litters the place and stop paying customers from playing the game. Do you even care GMs? Dig around for some courage and actually respond to a thread about bots. 

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  4. Seriously, I'd like a GM response to this. Why is nothing done about bots? They're so incredibly obvious and any time a topic is brought up about it on forums you ignore it.

    I'm not talking about players, I couldn't care less about then if they want to use a program or a macro, makes no difference. I'm talking about the literal hundreds of the Elven Summoner plague! It's right in your faces, there's no way you can't see it. Just TP to Ruins of Agony or Enchanted Valley, it's impossible to find any spot to level. I took a new toon to ROA and the bots came on a PK to kill me, just to reclaim it. It's obscene.