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  1. I have started to have DC after last update max time in game 1 - 2 hours usually i get dc in 30 minutes after login . I have tested my internet connection (Fiber) 450 MB download and 450 MB upload with a server outside the country (im in France , Paris area). Also tested ping -t to see if i drop packets all seems good no packet drop (i could add -l 35k but usually al destinations drop this type of ping because of DDOS attack ) Anyone else have this issue or is just me ? @Hime , @Juji
  2. Is not clear ... ? is for "Adjusting the mobs" a bit
  3. They change INT definition when they nerfed mages , INT was supposed to affect Mcrit damage (Mcrit heal amount ) and M atak also the chance to land a debuff. Now it only affect M atak.
  4. I have Sk lvl 110 and dual DA 109 , i can say that SK aura is bugged doesnt give Pdef stated on the buff , Hex cubic is bugged when it comes to trigger (SKIL description 5 sec) it triggers more like 1 time per minutes. DA can solo more because it has 2 skills that fills 15% (together) hp . With 100k up to 250k pdef full buffed with certificate (triger p/m def) i can still get 3 kk damage from top archers (dont want comments about Archer artefact resist ) i have R110 PVE set +9--+11 armor parts +8 protection +18 venir +1 abundance , insanity , lv8 sayha , 10% pdef from fortr
  5. I had the same issue and advice to avoid that was the following: (hope this helps for avoiding blocks)
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