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  1. 1 month = 30 days, more or less, 10 billion a day you make? I call BS!
  2. After checking multiple times I was finally able to get in. I do not know if it will last, but as of now I have no lag. I am in Alabama with 200 mbps Spectrum internet. Not sure if anyone else having probs has Spectrum internet. I was to the point of calling them to see if they killed some ports. Good luck all.
  3. @Hime Any updates? Not saying anything is not an update. We are working on it isn't either. We found out "this" "that" or the "other thing" is. Let us know what "other things" are being found please.
  4. Naa Sly, Not saying it's us. I DCd, tried to log back in, failed. Tried later and got in for a few mins on one PC but before I could log in on the other, DCd on first one again. Then my router reset on it's own like it does sometimes on Mondays for whatever reason. After that, logged in on 2 PCs successfully and seemed stable again. Went to bed. Woke up DCd, came here to see what's up. See some folks have same problem, others are in game. My logic is, maybe in my area we have a problem with ISP, and maybe others having problems are from same area. There was a wide spread problem last week on t
  5. Guys, Gals..... Instead of bashing on what state the servers are in, why not try and see if there is a problem common to us all that have issues? I am on the Eastern side of US., Spectrum /cable ISP. My connection reset itself a couple times during the night. Maybe it is common to some still having issues, maybe not, don't know. Coming on here bashing the folks looking into it ain't helping. If I were a GM I would eat a donut and drink one more cup of coffee after reading this thread just because. Anybody ever have a PC issue that took a while to figure out? Damn people.
  6. Yep. That's what I was trying to buy.
  7. Anybody else not able to buy from auction house? Says purchase failed when I try and buy anything.
  8. They even blew a hole in the side wall it looks like, right near the teleport spot.
  9. I wouldn't go that far! That's a conspiracy!
  10. 911 was an inside job. Research.
  11. @Juji I have tried all kinds of ways to create a new account now. Not sure if it is because the E-mail is brand new. The PC I was on (tried on the PC I'm playing on too). Tried Edge and IE browsers. Checked cookies. Still says I'm unauthorized. As I stated before, I run two PCs. Three on one, one on the other. Would like to get two more running. Lil help here please.
  12. WOW, I just checked. The latest account was made in 2014.
  13. None. Haven't in a long while now. I have 4 so far. Have 3 running on one PC, one on the other.
  14. Someone in game told me it is off for two weeks.
  15. Can not "Create An Account". Wanting to start a fresh account. Says I am not Authorized. Account creation off, or am I doing something wrong?
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