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  1. Auto Hunt System

    prestige pack + afk edition .... omg dont go giving them any ideas!!!
  2. Auto Hunt System

    I'm (100%) sure the devs put the auto hunt system in just for you to go afk at work all day right? maybe you should play wow when your afk at work all day?
  3. all this pk talk ..... makes me wana pk the masses =D
  4. yea I canceled my prestige last month ... best decision ive made.
  5. Make PK A Serious Offence LIKE BEFORE - This Is SERIOUS SERIOUSLY I CANT AFK MACRO AND GET EZ XPS THIS IS SUPER SERIAL! sounds like yall are mad for the wrong reason, and blame the pk system? yua trippin
  6. Othell Wind Rider Setup Help me :D

    start with a weapon imo dont even think pvp till later =X
  7. Othell Wind Rider Setup Help me :D

    104 ...... +10dark set ..... fail