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  1. Started a couple days ago. Currently a 46 HE with a couple buffers right behind. I'm just looking for a group of people who enjoy playing the game. I don't need help, just looking for some people to talk to and grind/raid/pvp with when I'm online. I'm happy to roll a new toon if needed.
  2. Can someone explain where the hell regular Nos are? I ran around the whole island and didn't find one.
  3. Hey everyone. I had played from prelude through c5/interlude on the old Lionna server. I came back a few days ago to see what was going on and saw that they've got a classic mode going. First of all, shoutout to any old Lionna people who are still around or came back! Would love to catch up. I've got some old fraps vids saved which I can upload to youtube if anyone wants them. I've got a couple questions that I could use some help with. Primarily, what are the top classes in the endgame? I've heard mages but how about archers? - If you have a few characters, where are the best
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