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  1. Be happy they do their experimenting on Naia so you only get the final solution and be done with it..
  2. Cloack enchant

    NcSoft is the provider of the game in USA. All EU region rights for the game belong to Innova, thats why any mention to Naia being a european time server is removed years now, also why the servers were moved from EU datacenter back to Texas, and also why you explicitly have to choose you re from a non-EU region in the launcher to access lineage2. It literally provides NO gaming services to European IPs in regards to L2. If you choose to lie about your region and join the US provider(ncsoft), its literally your decision and yours alone. They wont actively discourage you but they wont assist you in this either, and they certainly dont have to be fined anything about you lying.
  3. Cloack enchant

    Well, pal, I have friends, don't need to own everything to have access to such enchanting conditions. I would not consider enchanting anything if I did not. I would sell coins and buy what I need. Almost always the best solution, let someone else deal with "randomness." Feel free to read this for a small introduction https://boallen.com/random-numbers.html to understand (a bit at least), the difference between true randomness and the pseudo-randomness employed in games like L2. I do not know the implementation details and there's many possible variants to how L2's RNG functions, but having a single seed for all actions that involve luck (be it crafting or enchanting) is a decent hypothesis. I hope I didn't overload your petty head with too much information, so feel free to continue laughing.
  4. Cloack enchant

    First off, you had no business trying to enchant a +16 cloak further with such a limited budget, what you wanted to achieve there? Then, 82 luc isnt really all that much nowadays, 100+ luc at least for real enchanters plus you need tact, not blindly clicking 7 times in a row. Lastly, NCSoft is a US account not serving EU regions(check what happens if you click the "europe" option in the launcher region option) so good luck bringing this to European Law enforcement. Sorry for your loss but you have noone to blame but you on this.