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  1. @Juji artifact merchant alexandria doesnt have the options to exchange boxes for +1/+3 random artifacts, pls tell me its not how its supposed to be now
  2. Ofcourse, its sh*t-posting that OP is after, so while at it I would personally also like to know who gets all that adena from cursed weapon bloods every week day.
  3. While I understand that more elaborate economic theories may be incomprehensible for people that aren't aware of cross-multiplication and are busy professionally farming adena ingame, you can research the terms "Tax Buoyancy" and "Tax Elasticity" to see why its not as easy as to assume 80b per week.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-multiplication#Rule_of_Three You re welcome.
  5. 2 things: - Yes, they really should display rates so we can make educated guessed - No, this isnt the equivalent of 0,78% unless you clicked 7 times in a row. If you just clicked 7 times in a time span of days/weeks, your tries were just part of a larger picture, and while yes you ve been extremely unlucky you cant claim you got the outcome corresponding to a 0,78% chance..
  6. Only a handful of stg 3 weapons exist ingame. You certainly dont need a stg 3 DW to compete plus you discount events that drop weapons(that depdning on class for that wep, may sell for less than their costin claws).
  7. Why do you need 20k monthly (note this was monthly spending he quoted) for l2? Not really on point.
  8. New pk system puts a cap on maximum amount of pks you can clean per day so they essentially change the rules, hence why the pk count reset was needed.
  9. I fail to understand how this changes anything. What is the difference between you laying on the ground dead (as you would if pkd right now) or actually disconnected if an hour passed from getting pk'd? You re either active to do something meaningful in eitrher case (aka setup again) or you re not in which case you re only taking an active player's spot by doing nothing, laying on the floor dead already.
  10. I agree that rates after update were too much but current rates (even accounting for our version of premium account aka prestige that comes with a 300% adena rate increase) are half of what people average on other regions with comparable gear. Even 2/3rds of what it was instead of 1/3rd would be more than enough to bring IOS back to relevance. As it stands, there is hardly anyone farming there while it should be a 110+ contested area forcing people to go out of peace zone and pvp for the loot. Even the exp focused area (storm isle) generates more adena than the adena focuses area (ios), eve
  11. Full stacked (for ncwest standards) parties 114 cannot exp there anymore so I would consider that an issue tbh. We re not NC Japan where everyone goes around with stage 3 weapons and stage 6 god jewels.. Where are you supposed to help exp your supports (if any left at this point), 2+2 hours per day at swamp?
  12. I know we re not supposed to say Naia is a european server but we re still allowed to say its EU friendly with the GMT+1 time zone it has. Summer time moved everything 1hour later, but the server time wasnt adjusted accordingly. Its ridiculously late for most things that are worth contesting and some people have real jobs so staying until 1-3am everyday just doesnt cut it.
  13. Core has 100-120k base rate for Isle and with premium account (but their servers lacking a permanent rune like prestige rune), they average multiples of the amount you wrote. Anything else?
  14. You contradict yourself, this is precisely the reason why Isle was such a good thing. If you exp long enough and invested some initial money in the store you were able to farm some decent adena even as a mid tier player in Isle. This is no more, now you go back to the old way of having to be a farmer (like you so dislike) and having thousands in gear to chase world rbs and or cursed swords OR to pay $ endlessly in the store. Thanks but no thanks, I wont be supporting such choices, I would love to be able to progress my gear with ingame means little by little and drop the occasional $ to par
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