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  1. LF newb friendly clan

    I just returned to L2 and wanted to play classic, Im a little new to the game and want to roll with a clan to get some help with leveling and catching up. Are there any clans out there that accept noobs and are willing to teach and help them level out there? Im interested in doing PVP when I get leveled up.
  2. Race Changes?

    Before classic, there were cosmetic/account change tokens you could purchase to change your race, they are now removed. I understand why it was removed for the start of classic...I mean, could it be exploitable? I dont really know, Im kinda new to L2....Anyway I am curious if they will possibly make a return at a later time? -- being that Im a indecisive little idiot, I wanna change race, but not start all over again lol. Just curious.
  3. So Im a completely new player, and I want to play a Ertheia, and the warrior class uses fist weapons, but I saw other Ertheia with huge swords, some with dual swords, and others with swords and shields. I was wondering how that is done? How did they do that? Is it part of the dual class system? What class is that, and when can I get a sword? and how does it work?