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  1. Race Changes?

    Before classic, there were cosmetic/account change tokens you could purchase to change your race, they are now removed. I understand why it was removed for the start of classic...I mean, could it be exploitable? I dont really know, Im kinda new to L2....Anyway I am curious if they will possibly make a return at a later time? -- being that Im a indecisive little idiot, I wanna change race, but not start all over again lol. Just curious.
  2. So Im a completely new player, and I want to play a Ertheia, and the warrior class uses fist weapons, but I saw other Ertheia with huge swords, some with dual swords, and others with swords and shields. I was wondering how that is done? How did they do that? Is it part of the dual class system? What class is that, and when can I get a sword? and how does it work?