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  1. I love this game and this Naia server My pc done , server down
  2. After the update, I also adjust my macro settings. I mean, since the creatures changed, I had to make skill arrangements. Previously, when some of my skills come in succession, I find it normal to delete each other because they perform the same function at different power / time / ....... In addition, when the creature dies, whatever automacro remains in the macro ranking starts with the next target. If you haven't noticed ... So the first row in the macro sequence doesn't start when the automatic macro sets the next target. That's why you need to do the macros correctly.
  3. You're already on the Internet and at your computer. Are you worried about world time zone differences? I laughed a lot tonight, thank you ...
  4. Oriana's ???? not Jack ?
  5. No, they're not rabbits, "Cat" ... I didn't know they could breed so much .... Farewell Dim100, thank you for being my cool and shelter in the hot summer days and in the war environment. I wish I had finished their mission before (I only had two days left) ... Let's see what's new .... I don't know where I can go up but I'm excited to learn ..... I hope that I can gain a little bit of gain in these Halloween events .... I can't go further with the S80 Paulina armor and weapons .... Even though I'm not a hero, I write blue so I don't regret it.
  6. early??? I was make 92 days dim100 left 8 days .... now dim100 4 days after close.... so 92 days waste time for me?????
  7. ABOUT DIM 100

    Hi Next wednesdey update after dim100 change? I ask because left 8 days... 92 days done... I only sad if change dim100
  8. noob needs party advice

    for example "Balance Heal" recurrent buff
  9. noob needs party advice

    if buff have green recurrent symbol you activate with mouse right clic.
  10. noob needs party advice

    sorry my mistake recurrent buffs
  11. noob needs party advice

    /target character name /attack character name Im this macro use, not need delay and allways follow. If you must use another skill for example heal : /target cn /useskill XYZ /useskill YZX .... /attack cn /delay 1750 (for 30 min buff skill) but now buff skills remove mode so simple macro better.
  12. I hope I got it right. Now the matches will be held between Naia-Chronos and the new heroes will come out of these matches ... Will we still be able to participate as an audience? I believe it will be pleasant. As for the quote: I would have expected it to be, but the statement says that the old heroes will remain in November
  13. See you when the game is stable tomorrow. and Where can I also get accurate information about exalted tasks? Do most people say that after the new update E part 5 task will be 107 lvl ... I'm still looking for 103 lvl ..