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  1. Thanks @Cyan , @Juji, @Hime and all L2 Team
  2. waow not 45 min just you use 28 min @Juji thank you and L2Team
  3. I would also like to find letters while fishing.
  4. Well, at least we get rid of some of the larvae, albeit briefly. Is there a possibility of a game program hacking? A character named 54tege automatically sends "wishper" and "mail". There was one more but I forgot the character's name ... qwurwq .....
  5. ok one ask you: 1 mob how many drop win adena or drop that server ? if our server better win adena and drop, forget that server
  6. I believe in my patience while I wait. But the idea of experiencing this while in Raid Server scares me. shut it down to sleep 7-8 hours ago and when I get back I queue !! It's actually a bit funny ... No Ranking System, so what's the problem?
  7. Why is there a waiting queue today, Naia? No DIM RB today? If dissconnect occurs while in Raid Server, should we wait 2 weeks for our existing tasks?
  8. @Juji and @Hime I would appreciate it if you add a grocer and warehouse npc to the BBC (BlackBird Campsite) next week.
  9. so you wish me to be naked
  10. Ok, 1 day inside my all quests (daily quests) done... It's time for me to relax..... See you all tomorrow zzZZZZZZZZZ
  11. Im very quick login thanks. But I ask 1 quest : GM buffs (just I need birtday vitaly buff ) have or not have ?
  12. Freya's Ice Roses very meaningful .... I guess the server computer circuits burned out of the heat and the intense interest of people.
  13. hmmmmmm We can't play because you play 24/7