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  1. First of all thanks to @Degus for your criticism and to @Slycutter for your comment. But it was an irony that "we have more skills than 12 lines of macro". There are now 25 skills that we can use as an attack. One of them is the Thunder Hawk or whatever the name of your falcon, under it there are 4 summon skills, 3 of which are strong. When preparing a macro, I can create 4 different macros (assist, solo attack, party attack, deffance attack). I hope we all agree on this. Let's take your falcon and his skills. There are 24 skills you can use. My solo macro has a maximum of 6 skills. I also use
  2. I am an archer and I have a hawk. Beautiful. But my problem is that while hunting solo with my hawk, the hawk dies easily. In order for it to be reborn, I must either add it to the macro or not leave the computer at all ... So this summon cannot be an automatic button? I am sure this problem may exist in Maestro, Sigel, Healer classes as well. I know I'm not a wynn summoner class, but I don't have any skills to increase the health of my existing hawk. In other words, there is balance heal in the summoner class, there are also in these healer classes. So why don't we have balance heal skills in
  3. There are also 3 30-minute buff skills that I forget about archers and want to remind. If you examine these, you will realize that you can balance yourself and your skills according to the situation in which you are hunting. Power shotting skill, Skill Cooldown skill and Speed shotting skill ... Maybe these were not their exact names, but the only thing I am sure is these 30-minute buff skills that every archer applies to himself. Please seriously review your skills, archer guys. 4 years ago the eviscator class was more, 2 years ago the feohs were on the increase, now I meet an archer in two s
  4. Naia and Chronos servers are separate servers. So it has separate dynamics and mathematics, please don't forget. If the things we are discussing here are our losses, gains, or desires about the game, let's talk / discuss. But please, let's not mention here, even if they HAVE TRUTH about our real lives, our lives are not that long anyway, we do not need to use words that can hurt other people, annoyance, heartbreak. As a player, who uses this Yull character that I created in 2011, an archer class that reached 106 level this year, in 2021, what am I losing from 10 seconds delay? I'm
  5. You cannot connect because the server is closed for updating.
  6. I had been sick for three days and was upset that I could not play. I'm sorry for nothing ... How about giving cat buffs after updating and maintenance? I also wish those Prestige Boxes had counters and would function when players are in the game. So they don't play 24/7 so we could find space to play ... Good work NC Team, your job is also difficult ... 5 games in NC Soft, 4 servers in Lineage II, countless troubled players in all of them ... Come easy.
  7. After the update, I also adjust my macro settings. I mean, since the creatures changed, I had to make skill arrangements. Previously, when some of my skills come in succession, I find it normal to delete each other because they perform the same function at different power / time / ....... In addition, when the creature dies, whatever automacro remains in the macro ranking starts with the next target. If you haven't noticed ... So the first row in the macro sequence doesn't start when the automatic macro sets the next target. That's why you need to do the macros correctly.
  8. You're already on the Internet and at your computer. Are you worried about world time zone differences? I laughed a lot tonight, thank you ...
  9. No, they're not rabbits, "Cat" ... I didn't know they could breed so much .... Farewell Dim100, thank you for being my cool and shelter in the hot summer days and in the war environment. I wish I had finished their mission before (I only had two days left) ... Let's see what's new .... I don't know where I can go up but I'm excited to learn ..... I hope that I can gain a little bit of gain in these Halloween events .... I can't go further with the S80 Paulina armor and weapons .... Even though I'm not a hero, I write blue so I don't regret it.
  10. early??? I was make 92 days dim100 left 8 days .... now dim100 4 days after close.... so 92 days waste time for me?????
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