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  1. I am a Lineage II Live player and it always catches my attention while reading the forum. What is "Jin Kamael"? Is it a combination of Jin in Blade & Soul and Kamael in Lineage II, or is it just a typo in the forum?
  2. The peculiarity I definitely experienced is that my computer is overheating and the computer turns itself off after at least half an hour and a maximum of 2 hours after entering the game. I have been living this situation for the last 1 month. I am using windows 10 version 20H2 64 bit. A month ago, when I made the North America / South America (server login) preferences, when I connected to North America, I was becoming DC from the game 5-10 minutes after entering the game. That's why I'm using the South America entry (since I'm an Asian player). I think the best solution to play a healthy gam
  3. My computer is old but my operating system is fairly new. But for the last 1 month, I have been experiencing strangeness in the game. While I was investigating the reasons, I noticed the "64 bit not supported" status under "Lineage II System Requirements" updated 1 month ago on the technical support team announcement page today. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/204360739 Is this unsupported condition temporary or permanent? If it is permanent, do I need to change my Windows 10 and 20H2 operating system?
  4. You are all so sweet. When I see 100,000,000 adena in my personal safe, I feel like Scrooge Mcduck. Oh you rich ...
  5. Why am I angry with you anymore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a673fb5-euw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a673fb5-euw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQHjk7cy6hs If you want, do a research on what is server maintenance and how to do it, buddy. Your unnecessary anger has no meaning. During this maintenance, if you want, clean your room and the spider webs around and inside your computer that you use 24/7. This was a mother's advice. My mother's advice ...
  6. "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today." I wish it was limitless
  7. I love your profile picture @Hime and @Juji . You all have very original pictures. I hope the @LIME profile picture will be original as well.
  8. I laughed a lot @Draecke "Jime"
  9. Welcome day today! Welcome new GM kan @LIME . A gamer recommendation from me: Add a profile picture Also @Hime 's old profile picture was better.
  10. Welcome new blood @LIME Do not pay attention to those who want to annoy and demoralize you.
  11. @Soketka ? Isn't the server transfer limited to only 1 character? So, are they going to transfer servers with all clan members? Alas, my place in the poor rank. Dear @Hime and @Juji , can you turn off the Sorting System until these transfers are finished? In terms of my morale.
  12. I think if the Faction Clans missions return, this hunting area problem will decrease.
  13. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21506-server-transfer-registration-restrictions/ As a Naian, I embrace you all. I wonder where my place in the rankings will fall after the server transfers are over, I'm looking forward to it.
  14. thanks @SAXnVl0LINNS . When I got back to the game, I had my rewards. Since I follow game news and updates even when I am not in the game, I do not miss these reward opportunities;).
  15. Why is there no La Vie En Rose brooch lvl 2 on NPC Shandai? I am curious about that.
  16. hmmmm @SAXnVl0LlNSAre L2Wiki lofty missions refreshed the same way? I finished Exalted-1, 4 years ago. I am currently doing Exalted-5 on the modified system. You understand that these quest items are not mine. Picking from the auto place is a joke for me. Tomorrow (after getting my sleep well) I'll send a ticket. Thank you for your attention.
  17. Thank you guys, but I still prefer a GM advice or assistance. In addition, it has been 4,5 years since I completed the task of 95 lvl. These two quest items are items that I unfortunately collected from the ground in Desert Querty while I was doing the BLACKBIRTH CLAN quests. If I'm not mistaken, that mission was removed from the game 2.5 years ago. Also I'm a 106 lvl archer right now dear @Slycutter
  18. Hi all @Hime and @Juji i have little problem . My inventory inside 3 items have and i cant delete that items. I m now waiting in Fantasia Isle NAIA . Item names : 1. Soul Cyristal Practice Stormbringer R 2. Practice Kain's Soul Crystal - Stage 1 3. Fated Support Box : Kamael (S-grade) (Stage 2) please delete that items for me. I try 3 years , i cant delete thats :((( I waiting your helps
  19. First of all thanks to @Degus for your criticism and to @Slycutter for your comment. But it was an irony that "we have more skills than 12 lines of macro". There are now 25 skills that we can use as an attack. One of them is the Thunder Hawk or whatever the name of your falcon, under it there are 4 summon skills, 3 of which are strong. When preparing a macro, I can create 4 different macros (assist, solo attack, party attack, deffance attack). I hope we all agree on this. Let's take your falcon and his skills. There are 24 skills you can use. My solo macro has a maximum of 6 skills. I also use
  20. I am an archer and I have a hawk. Beautiful. But my problem is that while hunting solo with my hawk, the hawk dies easily. In order for it to be reborn, I must either add it to the macro or not leave the computer at all ... So this summon cannot be an automatic button? I am sure this problem may exist in Maestro, Sigel, Healer classes as well. I know I'm not a wynn summoner class, but I don't have any skills to increase the health of my existing hawk. In other words, there is balance heal in the summoner class, there are also in these healer classes. So why don't we have balance heal skills in
  21. There are also 3 30-minute buff skills that I forget about archers and want to remind. If you examine these, you will realize that you can balance yourself and your skills according to the situation in which you are hunting. Power shotting skill, Skill Cooldown skill and Speed shotting skill ... Maybe these were not their exact names, but the only thing I am sure is these 30-minute buff skills that every archer applies to himself. Please seriously review your skills, archer guys. 4 years ago the eviscator class was more, 2 years ago the feohs were on the increase, now I meet an archer in two s
  22. Naia and Chronos servers are separate servers. So it has separate dynamics and mathematics, please don't forget. If the things we are discussing here are our losses, gains, or desires about the game, let's talk / discuss. But please, let's not mention here, even if they HAVE TRUTH about our real lives, our lives are not that long anyway, we do not need to use words that can hurt other people, annoyance, heartbreak. As a player, who uses this Yull character that I created in 2011, an archer class that reached 106 level this year, in 2021, what am I losing from 10 seconds delay? I'm
  23. You cannot connect because the server is closed for updating.
  24. I had been sick for three days and was upset that I could not play. I'm sorry for nothing ... How about giving cat buffs after updating and maintenance? I also wish those Prestige Boxes had counters and would function when players are in the game. So they don't play 24/7 so we could find space to play ... Good work NC Team, your job is also difficult ... 5 games in NC Soft, 4 servers in Lineage II, countless troubled players in all of them ... Come easy.
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