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  1. how are the numbers guys?how many players are playing since you ''made'' so much cash?
  2. fix revamped auto-hunting as promised (sons/dances/buffs to be auto cast) and fix the mats and parts price at shop.what is wrong with you are you ...... in the head?
  3. Guys how about dances/songs and buffs from wc/ol are auto cast? Is that hard or these past "fixes'' are part of a hidden agenda?
  4. ghouls staff 13kk or bw tunic set ecliptic sword 12kk or bw tunic set spirits staff 12kk or bw tunic set pm/mail fantana ig thank you.
  5. Please bring back the macro auto use.This game is pointless for me because I dont have time to farm on 1x,I have a full time job.Now I cant play it anymore.
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