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  1. Exp wrong, fisn not tradeable, not coins fish!!! We need upgrade the upgrade fast
  2. I don't think they want to destroy the server with bad ideas, but they fail to think who plays L2 today. Lineage is an old game, and the vast majority have limited time to play (study, work, family). We're faithful to the game, but why make us suffer if we want to enjoy? Generic macro and too basic (or not tested). Spoil mobs Lv70 for craft items B grade ?. Fish not tradeable?. Few opportunities to do pvp (no fortress, no nice sieges). Red Libra event very limited at classic servers. Quests with insignificant rewards. And the list could go on!!
  3. Wtf with A-gemstones?... I dont know where farm them and not is cheap buy them to other players Someone can help with good info?
  4. XP sure!... But adena not is easy killing mobs if you dont play 24/7
  5. move to north of isle (there a good spot near raid boss), kill few NOS and you'll see the spawn carefull
  6. archers are good ofc but you know what dangerous is a dagger
  7. estoy cansado de jugar en clanes que hablen ingles, con gente que no disfrute farmear o con hombres que digan que son mujeres (sorpresitas inesperadas) hay algun clan en Talking con onda, que jueguen relativamente seguido, maten raids o vayan a levelear sin 2000 mochilas colgadas? tiren data sin miedo!!
  8. me canse de mandarles pm siempre andan afk
  9. hola noithara yo tambien ando empezando y la verdad que esta complicado encontrar gente activa, con ganas de jugar....la mayoria esta afk usando macro...casi nadie chatea ni comercia a mi me gusta el lineage pero como dices tu paso de jugar solo...habria que arrancar algo nuevo y bueno porque lo que hay ya esta re viciado y podrido
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