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  1. No Token Action .. No more Star etc .. no more tacticalsign1 Wtf? Can you check and confirm they will be returned?
  2. You make us look like idiots .... PPL Play here real ppl not some trash .... you think of us at all? WE PAY YOU and you dont respect us AT ALL ... So many ppl lefty for 2 hours ....Totally bleeped nice game ... Return it to C3-C5 return montly payment and Remove that F.... Update ! Dont know what kind of $%^&*())(*&^%$ can make and apply Update like that ....Still think i this is some bad dream ... and ofc dont forget Agathion P2W Item again ....
  3. OMG OMG OMFG ..... i think this is the end of the server this time ... I cant believe .U leave only Bots to play afk... U SUPPORT BOTS it seems 101% now
  4. Dear Ncsoft , You do everything to make us leave server ... I am with you from 13 14 years ... but day after day you do everything to make us leave ? Why Why Why ?PPl do new games and wonder how to get ppl join their servers and you are wondering how to make us all leave ... Honestly I hope that there will be some nice guy among you ho can say STOP THIS NONSENCE . Please do something normal ... please Merge servers , make montly payment if needed .. return AA , Shots , Crafting , Adena drop ./... We need to go and hunt in Antharas in Giants Cave ... Nerf the ponys .... BAN BOTS ,
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