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  1. gz for you i opened maybe 100 aden chest and no drops but drops like this dont change nothing;) For normal new player with normal items, item with cost 100kk is like 1-2 day bssr + spirit ore im one from new player who earn more then 90% of them. on trades im earing about 300kk-2b on day ( i play 3 month) but this is nothing, my char on normal farm lose more adenas then get from drops. My wynn cant efective farm on PI( i was alone+boxes 5h, 0 scrol) // full pt new players cant kill baylor/kama/gludio. we cant farm ISLE/STORM. this boxes are shits;) evertybody want come back to old great time when after 100h farm you could see normal full drop in inventory. Btw i dont see soultion what can i change for example my wynn almost 108 lvl has items with cost 70-80b ( now we fot full epics for 7 days 100b+ ruler autority) and diference in farming is that low that dont change nothing:) so how many adena ppl need to normal farm 500b?
  2. Like in tittle WTS R99 Blessed Robe Set +8 Full Element , ninja appearence. I Can Wtt for blessed +8 R99 Light set or offer me Mail ingame WladcaZasilku or Czaja
  3. Underground chests

    How can we now get talismans// low epics etc if no more tresure underground chest? i understand we dont get mats now/// and we dont get it but undergroud chest could be bought for gemstones etc. in some future days we will not see more talismans/ low jewerly rb on ah