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  1. There is demand for healers. Parties for places like daily instances 105 which are the main source of xp are looking for healers and tanks all the time. Also afk farm in fields is so much safer with heal. The thing is you ppl will start to want you only after 106/107.
  2. Thank you for saving my money. Thought buying the pack but because your question I checked l2wiki and found this: Freya's Vital Rune RU30-day If stored in the inventory, increases Bonus XP gain in Vitality state by 50% (excludes boss monsters) and decreases Vitality Consumption Spd. by 15%.
  3. Dunno what u guys are doing? Could it be that both of u are doing 110 instance instead of 105? I do 105 instance on 107 archer and get c grade. My gear is bloody r99 bow+8, Elmore cloak+7, octa warrior ring, blessed aq, atlas earing +12, the rest are twilight paulina jewels, dex+15 dyes, artifact set lvl2 (all artifacts +0), dex head gear, LVL 3 brooch jewels, longing talisman, venir LVL 9, kaliel bracelet+3, veterans mask+4, dragon shirt+2,exalted set, exalted seed bracelet, cancer agathion +3, some +5/+10 skills (most are still not enchanted all). I use dc buffs and all the free pots f
  4. I am wondering if pets are treated the same way as players so if someone is dead for one hour he is getting disconnected. Could it be that this anti lag tweek is working also on summoned pets and if those get disconnected same way as players, there is a bug and they gey removed from the inventory? Just a theory.
  5. I see the recipe merchants still sell r/r95/r99 gear recipes. But to craft lets say r95 armor piece you need 800+ aether which is quite hard to gather and makes no point to craft.
  6. Thats probably the effect of greater ruby lvl 1 which ppl got from event.
  7. There are dungeons, but you need to know the game starts only after lvl 105 now.
  8. farming afk and dieing from mobs/ppl and not checking the game for one hour or longer.
  9. After maintenance you will have 24h time to create a new char. They limited character creation because server capacity is reaching its limits. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17571-character-creation-disabled-until-513/
  10. Please read the announcement: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18137-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-may-6-2020/
  11. If there is space for line in your macro, add the pick up command in it.
  12. Excuse me but you are insulting people here. If you do those things mentioned, doesn't mean everyone is the same. Me for example, I used to level mentees to sell for adena because I just returned to the game and for low geared ppl there are not many options how to equip their chars without spending real cash for nc coins. Now I am still leveling mentees to get earring for myself.
  13. Dunoo about the rest of the servers but don't think that Naia has more than few percent of players from USA.
  14. The preview of patch has been posted on homepage: https://www.lineage2.com/news/dawn-of-heroes-update-preview /discuss
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