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  1. @Juji Please put some more clearance on exp tables , P.s. afc I will get ignored but worth to try
  2. Greedy Treasure Chest Hunting Zones (Lv. 111 ~ Lv. 120) Explain me please do i need to find a spt and farm in one spot to find a chest or its random by killing mobs? I mean if i farm in one spot i have a chance to encounter chest or i need to PK players an exact spot to get to the chest?
  3. fingers crossed , hope december will be better cus last changes was a catpiss
  4. Thats what they intent to do , buy nc coins and get nothing cash in hand
  5. lol , came to read a patch notes.. the worst comments on forum yet is here Forum definetly attracts new players.. about the sale its disgusting , i can imagine what they will drop on festive season in december , mysterious spirit shots and soulshot sale?:D another week with nothing interesting , i bet half of the post will be deleted and people get banned for few days in forum once GM's wake up , but it was fun to read tho, Hope to see something better in december , fingers crossed
  6. Is it only me who experiance a bit of GPU usage after last few updates? seems like someone mining bitcoins when client is on..
  7. Hope they gonna drop something huge on christmas.. I think its time to drop l2 for couple of years again.. only in this period of time you can see some changes
  8. corona virus all over the world devs working from home cant make a proper content for a game..
  9. The developers have to do something game is getting boring from day to day.. do all dailies in 1hour and that's it.. nothing to do apart brainded exp.. need some quests more reasonable field bosses... something..
  10. What I do i play other games while exping cuz there is nothing to do in Lineage 2, no quest no strive to get better cuz someone will leave pc on for longer and you are behind on exp this game has seen better days for sure..
  11. That's what I call event before holiday season(sarcasm).. Nice..
  12. Probably we will get Vitality maintaining rune 30d in sotre on christmas, and some random costumes for christmas in store i doubt there is going to be exp event , most likely just some store update with more stuff to buy for $$
  13. Made me cry this +10 point to gryffindor
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