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  1. Also @Jujiappreciate your time for replying to my questions , also I can understand your point as it out of your powers to make any changes/updates as it is dev decision to push contents for NA and etc , also missed them cinematics which used to be in Gracia or later ones, I think Story is gone for way to long as every "patch/update" is just a name no more story even Fafurion cinematic was awesome to watch while waiting for client to update to get inside the game!!! Just really sad there is no content to play or explore as I said before just sad that mmorpg game doesn't have quest
  2. @Juji cant remember for sure which exactly npc it was but it was in Elven Village and once i got critical 2 of my 3toons get critical also this screenshot i think of the second toon as I have submitted(report a bug button) first critical error , was a bit bored so tried to explore some hidden places or find a hidden old school quest where you have to kill 12 wolves or something like that just to do something in game. Sorry for late reply been off for awhile.
  3. Are we going to get these replaced to regular ones or just we will lose them? Fixed an issue where an abnormal buff item was given out from the Lara event. The following items will be removed during the maintenance: Team Leader Lara’s Gift
  4. I know what you mean I'm playing NA servers since 2006 and I've seen a lot (with breaks) "and yes I got nearly end game toon" , But last 3 years was most boring in game which I've experienced in those years, don't mind them changing from p2p to f2p(p2w), as there is no content anymore.. that's the saddest thing.. Long waited L3 never come out also..
  5. Does anyone know if there is any upcoming BIG patches like ( Goddess of destruction, fafurion or etc. I'm not talking about humunculus and humunculus 2.0 Adding 5 homunculus doesn't count as massive patch..) As at the moment we are lacking some basic MMORPG stuff. 1) Quests-what mmorpg doesn't have quests (don't need to answer as we are here) 2) Story - This part missing after Goddess of Destruction. 3) Achievements -(let me rephrase: items, achievable in game loot mob drops etc.. High Five patch was awesome with this stuff. bring it back.) 97% NPC doesn't ev
  6. Agree with 90% of your sayings just about MMORPG part I don't agree there is basic MMORPG elements missing in this game since God knows when: 1) Quests-what mmorpg doesn't have quests (don't need to answer as we are here) 2) Story - This part missing after Goddess of Destruction. 3) Achievements -(let me rephrase: items, achievable in game loot mob drops etc..) 97% NPC doesn't even have a purpose since they are outdated, do anyone remember Seed Manor Traders in every Town. What's the purpose of them now?? Some of them NPC's give critical error once you try to
  7. Seems you are new here if you are asking that question The short answer is: NO The long one: You might get lucky with buy and sell thing to get in low/mid tier player base, but without any money at all there will be item limitation, as 90% items are not achievable in game only paid loot boxes and paid events
  8. There is no story , quests, target to achieve or anything in Lineage anymore just boredom and autohunt 24/7 PS. sometimes I fell like I'm mining bitcoins with my pc for NCsoft
  9. Are we going to get Cloak event again anytime soon? As people are leaving the game and we are running out of cloaks available in the game?
  10. You do popular here as you are the only one who replies to us "customers" @Sunshine I see good vibes from you so far, can you move from Aden to Live maybe and leave Juji/Hime with Aden?
  11. Must be my character gets weaker every patch then
  12. Is it just me who notice? But after adena nerf in neutral mobs get stronger (not patk but pdef/mdef) used to do 35k dmg to mob now I barely do 20k dmg? Is it another *ninja stealth nerf* ? Shed some light on this please.
  13. Would be nice if they merged Chronos/Naia as once Aden starts both servers will get a bit empty.
  14. Scam boxes , some unnecessary items as usual Loved the video haven't seen Gracia continent for a while a lot of content/map is unused now.. sad..
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