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  1. Where to put a ticket for lost exp and items due maintanance? Had mail from a toon before yesterdays maintanance with my items.. no Mail no items in both toons?? Help @Juji@Hime
  2. No one talks cuz nothing will change , send a letter to NC as a customer experience review they have to reply , you wont get answers on forums , community members unable to tell you anything , because they don't have answers that why @Juji@Hime never replies to topics
  3. Have just tried looks a bit better now, but most annoying thing when whole makro runs out toon needs 1s to think before it starts makro again that why yull is better, as it has basic attacks and it not that noticeable as on feoh
  4. Thanks , I know about shadow snare and how to set it up thnx anyway just a gaps between skills what annoys me the most.. seems might be delay issue too, will try to skip cooldown skills , hope it will help as now it runs whole makro and toon stays 3secs before he starts makro again..
  5. Nice english tho , First, That means your router is not set-up properly , if it uses whole resources , if i boost my wifi through router on my TV to avaid buffering when i watch movies , cuz u can boost specific device on our router by allocating bandwidth strength(signal) or set up to use bandwidth equally per device to avoid network cuts. Second , Sly good point , but i think its not wifi signal as he wasn't been complaining on wifi signal strength (which are visible on your pc on right side if u using windows). Its a network cuts which causes disconnect
  6. Sly drop some feoh makros if u can , cuz not sure why im having a bit delays , thats my makro Mass Ruin updraft Destruction Elemental burst elemental storm quadruple elemental blast shadow snare
  7. If we have such a good ppl , can someone share feoh aoe makro , cuz now i got delays between skills
  8. @Juji@Hime How we can switch that event interface off? once you press X button it keeps coming back? Its a bit annoying as it takes a lot of the screen...
  9. Due to event , alot of the ppl bought tickets on makro with an hour delay to with x7 toons there is no even parties to blasing swamp for my mentee toon R.I.P chronos 645parties in whole server as it is with dual box..
  10. @Juji also put 2hour timer on advanced talismans as peoples spending coins on them.. and they are 2hour use. And make proper event description , it is not that hard
  11. Where does it says that no coins will be given when prize is not won? Edit: as it states only about the main prize , that no winner is possible? PS. make clear descriptions as there is some daft people like me.. 50% of event description won't fur fill my knowledge about event
  12. Coin reward is Glitched used 2 tickets not even able to claim coins from UI.. as it states 0...
  13. Once you got it in inventory it will say 2hours..
  14. Dont waste your time on this event , as half of the items is 2hours.. it says 7Days INT talisman.. 2hours..
  15. It states 30days , but it will be for 2hour also.. as talismans..
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