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  1. Jesus that's the ugly login screen.. Could have changed image at least according to the patch.
  2. That set +0 even worse than Exalted which games gives by completing exalted quest , the reason you paid for it to make it +10 and rest of the exp bundle , And its marketing give something free item that you cant enchant , so you will be forced to buy nccoins to make it +10 smart move
  3. L2 Aden is money making now so don't expect anything for live servers for another half a year until "hype" and Aden will die out as classic did, Nice try tho , but they have heard this millions, billions, trillion times , guess what they did?
  4. All the above in same time! @Juji
  5. @Hime @Juji @LIME @Sunshine Are we are going to get any playable content on Oct 13? As you are removing dimensional raid?
  6. They made it on purpose , you spend money and get nothing to hold on
  7. Hi has anyone found any hidden areas same lvl as current gameplay level ? Been exploring world cuz its boring at the moment, Plunderous planes mobs Lv111~ Share your finds.
  8. True agree with your first statmenet , but whats the point of having 1T adena but not having items in the market which you need to spend that adena, thats my point
  9. Pormoting store i see , if that store would be even worth buying.. its almost like buying empty boxes as you get roses and freyas.. We need items not consumables
  10. @Juji @Hime Is exchanging shayas box for agathion you get +0 agathion?
  11. Don't forget NCWest is a year or two behind on updates
  12. Thats what I was saying to ambicija.. some of these players started playing on free to play spent few years in game and they think they know everything..
  13. And to add to farm zone, I don't mind to fight for a spot , as it used to be like this ages ago when pvp was still a thing in this game.. Seems you forgot what this game used to be before and PS i know it wont bring old Beta onwards feelings back , but some liveliness in the game for sure.
  14. Hm.. weird thinking , as half of the farming zones are empty, not sure about Naia but thats whats it is in chronos Ketra almost empty one or max 2 parties farming , varka same , Yesterday spent 2hour to find ppl to go to SOS and guess what finally made a pt and guess how many ppl were in SOS.. Sad that you mentioned olympiad.. as its been dead for years.. About people dont have were to used adena u r wrong, as people do have were to spent it , but there is no items or those items expensive or rare as bleep as dragon claws for example.. there is only few in market a
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