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  1. If you want to compare updates on NCwest so we have to look at "awakening or main" server in korean website?
  2. Looks like thats it for todays conquest of The World of Lineage 2
  3. Launcher crashed

    At least Forum is based on different server so we can put our rage here..
  4. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7685-launcher-crashed/
  5. Launcher crashed

    gives me error 42 in launcher .. and few of mine friends
  6. Aden crashed

    Looks like they fall asleep , or they just pretend that they r monitoring situation
  7. Looks like they fix Adena server but Launcher crashed instead..
  8. Aden crashed

    Chronos   1863 players - Naia   1986 players - Talking Island (NA Classic)   6353 players - Giran (NA Classic)   5169 players - Aden (NA Classic)   3024 players - Gludio (NA Classic)   2451 players - Talking Island (KR Classic)   1470 players - New Gludio (KR Classic)   1379 players - 지그하르트 (New Sieghardt)   2080 players - 바츠 (New Bartz)   1758 players - 카인 (New Kain)   1876 players - 블러디 (Bloody KR)   1885 players - PTS KR   44 players looks like servers up just launcher down..
  9. Aden crashed

    Aden (NA Classic)   down youp its down again
  10. Aden crashed

    Just loged in 10mins ago , laged few times got a dc , and now cant login launcher crashed , once i get to server selection screen pressed ok and crashed again..
  11. Aden crashed

    looks like its down again or its a launcher.. god knows
  12. Aden crashed

    dont move and unstuck or soe
  13. Aden crashed

    cant handle bots or just electicity gone in server room