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  1. True agree with your first statmenet , but whats the point of having 1T adena but not having items in the market which you need to spend that adena, thats my point
  2. Pormoting store i see , if that store would be even worth buying.. its almost like buying empty boxes as you get roses and freyas.. We need items not consumables
  3. @Juji @Hime Is exchanging shayas box for agathion you get +0 agathion?
  4. Don't forget NCWest is a year or two behind on updates
  5. Thats what I was saying to ambicija.. some of these players started playing on free to play spent few years in game and they think they know everything..
  6. And to add to farm zone, I don't mind to fight for a spot , as it used to be like this ages ago when pvp was still a thing in this game.. Seems you forgot what this game used to be before and PS i know it wont bring old Beta onwards feelings back , but some liveliness in the game for sure.
  7. Hm.. weird thinking , as half of the farming zones are empty, not sure about Naia but thats whats it is in chronos Ketra almost empty one or max 2 parties farming , varka same , Yesterday spent 2hour to find ppl to go to SOS and guess what finally made a pt and guess how many ppl were in SOS.. Sad that you mentioned olympiad.. as its been dead for years.. About people dont have were to used adena u r wrong, as people do have were to spent it , but there is no items or those items expensive or rare as bleep as dragon claws for example.. there is only few in market a
  8. Servers empty , prices are high due to lack of items as there is lack of people , no parties as even to do dailies it takes 3hours to fill the pt.. many reasons I would like a merge as it would bring more liveliness in to the "LIVE" server.
  9. That's why server merge would be awesome thing , at least in one server would have enough players and market would be strong.
  10. Not sure in which server u r playing as there is loads of them in market (chronos) people keep selling them even 80b for +10 , just nobody will buy it as servers are empty
  11. Yes it is the only ones , content has been has been shrinked , we got only 15% of the content now.. sad.. So try to enjoy what's left.. As there will be no updates as @Juji confirmed.
  12. Used to be like this ages ago Seems your are bd/sws supporter Nice idea but it won't be enough just a dual class so we would need to go back to 3 sub classes which is pain in the ass imagine leveling 3classes to 110 and gearing them up... I'm not that rich
  13. As I was expecting them to bring back pets like it used to be before everyone had a wolf/kokabura and so on
  14. I think its been years now since they become useless, so I guess not anytime soon as @Juji confirmed, as no big updates will arrive to ncwest so they could keep events and anniversary in time , so no new content and no updates
  15. I had same issue yesterday bought 1 and unable to buy more.. As I'm to lazy to use them also so I just don't buy them anymore as I just sit in town and wait for better days
  16. By the way its free event , golemka gl using all pots as they are about to finish
  17. I thought they restore only stolen items not burned(enchanted) on intention?
  18. You will get a reply put a ticket , as usual
  19. Is that means they spawn more mobs or they spawn faster?? +50% Monster Spawn
  20. And if I had only 1 toon it would took me 3years to get where I am now
  21. Im not the one who is asking for an increase its ok for me to sit in town also and wait for events I have already reached my boredom level Just some ppl taking this game way to seriously so they need more toons prior to play
  22. You see some ppl just want to progress faster with free playing so they need more toons opened As server is dead at the moment so 90% of the server sits in town , some people cant make parties anymore or they cant solo hunt anywhere, so they are forced to make their own box parties to play
  23. Or just move all players to chronos and close Naia , atleast one server will be full as both are dead at the moment
  24. If its a limit a 1 cloack per account? Can we gift it to another caharacter on same account? @Juji @Hime if i need 2 elmores on same account what should i do?
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