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  1. So no macro?

    It used to be that you'd play the live servers because they were stable, competently run and had a decent player base. Seems like they've done a switch with free servers lol.
  2. So no macro?

    This is a joke. I hope they actually take note of this. Their player base isn't a bunch of kids anymore, who have tons of free time and just put up with nonsense. We have responsibilities and don't have all day to waste taking their crap or trying to lvl in person against a sea of bots.
  3. Tell Us About Your Computer

    Rtx2080, Coffee Lake I7. Massively overkill. L2 runs on my surface go lol. Don't know if it's true but I heard GPU memory was limited to 256mb?
  4. My opinion is that this is underhanded garbage to sell more buff scrolls from the L2 shop - funny that they can be automated. As you've said, most of us are adults with commitments now and I already spend a pretty penny on it for xp buffs and nostalgia. It's not sustainable and I won't be able to continue playing if this isn't fixed. The server's flooded with bots anyway, if they want to make money, why not just buy a bot program and legalise it, license it. They can never get a handle on it anyway.