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  1. we all noticed the reduction of bots and this is something to celebrate. However, this victory cannot harm honest players who have no connection with bots and do not agree with the use of bots. I was harmed, I'm an old player and I'm always contributing to the server, including yesterday I got a lot of Ncoins to participate in the event. I would and would be very pleased if NCsoft repaired the damage caused to my accounts, I was disbanded but I still lost VIP 5 days and 15 day weapons from the past event.
  2. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    when players are unable to pay their costs, they seek alternatives. Unfortunately today the only alternative is to make low lvl chars or buy adena from sellers. Obviously this is not the essence of L2, players even manage to farm their adena in low lvl locations, return to level up their high lvl party but in sequence they have to stop the high lvl partys again and start farming low lvl again. One time people get tired and don't want to log in anymore ....
  3. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    this is a problem for everyone, just walk over the elemental areas that will see old spots that were overcrowded, now empty. It is necessary to have a review of the drops and especially the drop of adenas ... time passes and players get exhausted and leave the server.
  4. Future of the Giran server?

    1. it would be basic for maintaining the health of the server's economy to be able to buy soul shot and potions with the farm's money, eventual drops would be the profit. 2. I believe that there is a little more attention with the events, more attention with the gameplay and functionality of the events instead of just focusing on the profits of the events, I see no problem with making money from the events, I think it is very reasonable, but more concern with the gameplay of the events. 3. I believe that players will not be able to stand for a long time playing on a server with an unbalanced economy, I am an old player but I will not support it for long. the game loses its charm. 4. It is something to be reviewed, I do not think it is the intention of NCsoft but it is necessary to review the gameplay. 80+ players are basically 1 shot kill in all others, including themselves. And yes, the errors of the last updates are something unprecedented, I have seen problematic updates but as these last ones I had never seen ... 5. I also believe that PK's and their respective punishments have to be reviewed. PK's that use GK is something out of reality. It is also necessary to review the PK's REVENGE system as they should not have REVENGE from those who killed them. It became an absurd persecution against the players who took the PK and went after justice using the system. There is a lot of work to be done on the classic servers, they are new servers and we are understandable with that, but before anything needs to appreciate the players who play there. Before any update we need to think about how they will be affected, we are players and you developers and GM's who make the game work, if one of the gears is not well taken care of, everything can be ruined. Thanks
  5. I would like all servers to be united, it would certainly be a great improvement for everyone.
  6. Blocking of clean accounts.

    Hello, unfortunately it happened to me too, I was banned in several accounts for let char low lvl farming adena in ROA. After several emails exchanged with NCsoft and some posts here on the Forum, my request was revised and I was unbanned. What I disagree with is that the loss after the be unbanned stayed with my accounts, because I lost days of B + 10 weapon from the event and days of VIP that I spent money to get. I hope your accounts will be reviewed soon.
  7. Good afternoon, I decided to make this post for an injustice that was not fully repaired. I was unfairly banned monday, after a few posts and emails exchanged with NCsoft I explained the situation and was unbanned on wednesday. The big problem after my accounts unbanneds was that I was unable to log in for 3 days, I lost 3 days of VIP 6 inside 5 accounts, I lost 3 days of B grade +10 weapons from the last event and in response to NCsoft just told me no can do nothing about it. I was unfairly banned, I was disbanded but the damage still remains and it seems that it will not be repaired by NCsoft. will wait responses and comments from all of you, thank you @Juji and @Hime for always supporting us and promoting justice.

    good afternoon @Juji and @Hime, For sure, we need some changes in the economic system of our server. Currently noone lvl 76+ party is self-sustaining anywhere on the server, since they drop more adena until they drop nothing, before selling materials in stores and using spirits already almost at the limit, today players start logging off their main accounts and start new characters to farm adena in low lvl chars. I believe that nobody is satisfied, we need quick solutions. The return of the spirits shot and sale of basic items in stores solve the problem.
  9. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    good afternoon NCsoft team @Juji and @Hime I and I believe that a large part of our Classic server is very uncomfortable with the new mechanisms and market operation. I have a party mage, I have a daily cost of 15kk, and I guarantee that it cannot be reduced, it is at the limit. I went changing my farm locations until I ended up in a catacomb, where I have the best drop of Adena and items and, the best comes now, I only have 10kk of drops per day. we need self-sufficient partys, it is horrible to have to keep creating low lvl chars to farm adena and then delete, I believe that this is not the essence of L2, we await answers and solutions. The return of spirit shots and the sale of materials in stores would be very welcome and would probably solve our problems. thanks.
  10. So no macro?

    Ty @Juji we are looking forward to the return of the macro loop, without forgetting the rest we need to fix but surely the macro loop will help a lot.
  11. So no macro?

    First of all I would like to thank you for the feedback. The return of the macro loop will be very useful for players to play again, even though it is not the only thing to be done, I believe it is the most important. Please keep us informed and if possible speed up the macro loop, we have several inactive players waiting for the macro to return to play. thanks

    Signed! NCsoft hear us!
  13. So no macro?

    We are together, waiting for answers to know if we will stay or leave. UPDATE US NCSOFT!!!
  14. Reflection: Update / Macro / Bots

    I have been an L2 player since the first chronicles, I have seen some updates made incorrectly, but as this time I have never seen. Every day less people log in to the game, the prices of the items start to plummet because people start to leave the L2 and the worst ... the BOT's start to reign without having to look for any spot, they are all empty waiting for you . The only way to pair the game with them has been removed from the worthy players. We expect a quick solution to the game or it will be doomed.
  15. Complaint about update

    Anyone can make mistakes, but what makes us most unhappy is the delay in answering and the delay in correcting what was obviously done in the wrong way. People start looking for other games, people who have spent a lot of money on Ncoins or who contribute in some way to the server. Time passes and the clans start to empty, yesterday we had about 15 people online, today the maximum was 4 people online, the trend is getting worse.