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  1. Server Fix !

    1 month after change requests, we have nothing. How difficult would it be to do what your "customers" ask for? In my company if a customer asks for anything, they will be attended to promptly, here nobody is treated that way, companies go bankrupt that way. Congratulations to those involved.
  3. Good afternoon, I decided to make this post for an injustice that was not fully repaired. I was unfairly banned monday, after a few posts and emails exchanged with NCsoft I explained the situation and was unbanned on wednesday. The big problem after my accounts unbanneds was that I was unable to log in for 3 days, I lost 3 days of VIP 6 inside 5 accounts, I lost 3 days of B grade +10 weapons from the last event and in response to NCsoft just told me no can do nothing about it. I was unfairly banned, I was disbanded but the damage still remains and it seems that it will not be repaired by NCsoft. will wait responses and comments from all of you, thank you @Juji and @Hime for always supporting us and promoting justice.
  4. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    Do you really think that such an event will motivate players? Is that serious? You are talking to adult people my brother, no one here is a child. We want changes of seal, we have no answer about our claims. SAD!
  5. Server Fix !

    congratulations NCSoft team, I'm really giving congratulations. They are ending a game that has thousands of players, a game that has been on the market for over a decade and a half, a game with gigantic profitable potential because the players are of legal age, congratulations for ignoring everyone.
  6. VIP 7 500 euro?

    Being vip 7 is the least of your problems. note the topic "fix server!" and you'll start to understand how L2 is doing today.
  7. Server Fix !

    NCsoft lacks a lot of respect for players. The game is ending, friends stop playing due to an unbalanced economy. Walk around the farm zones, see how empty our server is. Nothing is done, we have no news. Congratulations to those involved.
  8. Server Fix !

    sad... do not fix anything, let server close...
  9. Server Fix !

    Hi, In the last few months we have seen some changes, interface changes, news appear and mostly positive (except the removal of the macro, the biggest mistake in the history of L2). These changes are welcome, I think the vast majority liked it, but that is not what we need today, the vast majority prefer the old interfaces and a balanced game, we prefer to wait for new interfaces and new mechanisms and correct today what is displeasing and taking away players of our L2 classic. We hope that the efforts are to correct problems and not new graphical or systematic implementations. NCSoft, please direct your energies to what really needs to be done and give us answers in this post. Thanks
  10. Bring Old Olympiads Back

    before I fix this, and it certainly has to be fixed, I would say that there should be a decent reward for the heroes, I do not move my party from the farm to a place in the event that does not bring me anything back...
  11. Server Fix !

    hello, We understand the situation that is delicate and even chaotic, but also understand our side, this wait discourages us, we are seeing friends stop playing, we are seeing the server emptying ... a situation that demands agility and goodwill from all sides. Thanks
  12. Hi, Basically we need corrections to the economy, We can not continue losing old players for a job that the NC can do overnight. We need competitiveness in the market, when the market moves it sounds good to new players, I have seen some low lvl players stop playing because they are unable to sustain themselves in soul shots and the like, not to mention that they will keep the old players who stop to play for the same reason. Parallel to this we need bug fixes always mentioned in the Forum and some innovations without major inventions. I already mentioned here that it is possible to limit the epic boss areas by 1 single box, I have already played on illegal servers that when the second box teleported to the Epic boss location, it was automatically moved to the city, this would make people join together , more people playing active and more competitiveness. I even think that farming with various boxes is cool and gives you autonomy to play, but the essence of L2 is the collective game in Epic boss and Sieges. Thanks
  13. Server Fix !

    People may or may not accept a negative answer, what we do not accept is the lack of an answer, it sounds like a lack of respect.
  14. Server Fix !

    they are probably busy making the union of the classic servers and they forgot the basics, to correct the errors that take so many players from their servers. sad.
  15. Server Fix !

    hello, we need the feedback as soon as possible, although the changes we want and need may take time, we need the answers. There are many ways to encourage players to be more live on L2, I have experiences on illegal servers and the last one I played the epic boss areas only allowed the use of a single box, when the second box teleported to the place was automatically moved to the City. Well this is just one example of encouraging the use of active players on our server, not leaving aside the other big and important problems related to economy, the sale of basic materials in stores and the return of spirits shots would be a very good emergency measure coming, even if it is not ideal. Thanks
  16. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    good afternoon NCsoft team @Juji and @Hime I and I believe that a large part of our Classic server is very uncomfortable with the new mechanisms and market operation. I have a party mage, I have a daily cost of 15kk, and I guarantee that it cannot be reduced, it is at the limit. I went changing my farm locations until I ended up in a catacomb, where I have the best drop of Adena and items and, the best comes now, I only have 10kk of drops per day. we need self-sufficient partys, it is horrible to have to keep creating low lvl chars to farm adena and then delete, I believe that this is not the essence of L2, we await answers and solutions. The return of spirit shots and the sale of materials in stores would be very welcome and would probably solve our problems. thanks.
  17. four hours and fifteen minutes of maintenance to not meet the requests of playes
  18. even if the answer was negative, it should be given to the server's players. We have a lot of demands, people beg for a balanced market, there are several posts and topics on our forum but nothing is done, and the worst thing, we have no answer as to who could promote such changes.
  19. Why not return to the sale of basic material in stores? Why not a satisfying drop of adena? I think we need a lot of things but these are really emergency. Listen to your players and customers. Thanks
  20. BAN system.

    The problem is real, accounts are banned, people stop gambling and nothing is done. I was unfairly banned and later disbanded, but the damage to my accounts was left, I lost VIP 5 days and B + 10 weapon days of the event. If you want to do away with bots, ok, we agree, but banning honest people and players doesn't seem like a good idea.
  21. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    we understand the revolt, honest players share their revolt. I was banned and took days to be unbanned, anti bot system flawlessly. Imagine how many honest players are not being banned and who decide to stop playing? Something has to be done, I believe that for the root of the problem, this post is about the root of the problem, I was banned for trying to make adena to pay for soul shots, 99% of the people who were banned by mistake have the same problem at the origin. What strikes me the most is the way the GM's treat the post, without any kind of response, they seem to be unaware of the server's problems ... sad!

    Sensible and direct post. We would very much like GMs to hear us....
  23. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    We need to solve the adenas problem in a transparent and agile way. Buying adena from sellers seems to be the only alternative for those who want to continue farming their high level partys. We understand that the server needs a lot, a lot of work is being done, but we need to direct efforts to keep gameplay and players happy within our servers. Thanks
  24. we all noticed the reduction of bots and this is something to celebrate. However, this victory cannot harm honest players who have no connection with bots and do not agree with the use of bots. I was harmed, I'm an old player and I'm always contributing to the server, including yesterday I got a lot of Ncoins to participate in the event. I would and would be very pleased if NCsoft repaired the damage caused to my accounts, I was disbanded but I still lost VIP 5 days and 15 day weapons from the past event.
  25. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    when players are unable to pay their costs, they seek alternatives. Unfortunately today the only alternative is to make low lvl chars or buy adena from sellers. Obviously this is not the essence of L2, players even manage to farm their adena in low lvl locations, return to level up their high lvl party but in sequence they have to stop the high lvl partys again and start farming low lvl again. One time people get tired and don't want to log in anymore ....