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  1. Hey Juji. I was wondering if making songs/dances being auto use is one of the 15 bugs/requested changes? It'd be really nice if that type of support could do more than sing/dance and just stand around. Seems like if the summoner buffs can be put on reuse then surely dances/songs could. Thanks!
  2. What's crazy is that macro looping still exists and works in Live. Why take it out of one and not the other? Makes no sense at all. What really rubs me is that us legit players are here unable to play and the cheaters have free reign over the server even more so.
  3. Winter of (message board) War is here!
  4. Exactly, I have 10+ toons that i can't play at the same time anymore. I invested money into the game through the L2 store to gear them adequate and be able to sustain a autohunt loop. Now the last 6-7 months of my time was wasted unless the new skill bar system recognizes 1 line macros for /target /assist /delay Oh and songs and dances, those need the little green loop as well, and like summoner buffs, be rebuffed when they fade.
  5. Juji thanks for stopping by. Yes the dev team also needs to realize there is no way for a support DD to assist a tank, or a healer to target the tank to delay heal on a loop. As it is now the healers, buffers, and other dd supports just go and attack the mob and you gotta HOPE they attack the same one your tank is targetting. It's not just the delay that is needed. Single line macros like /target xxx and /assist (even if each of those two takes up its own slot on the skill shortcut bar) need to be recognized by the autohunt system that performs the actions in the order they are listed a
  6. So a question that pertains to accessing the L2 store gets answered in 4 minutes? Please listen to us customers that used the now completely broken auto hunt system over on classic servers as well. Tell you what, I'll start a new thread over on the classic forums -- should I start my question with one about the L2 store to get a more prompt response? I did use the store in the past so there is incentive for NC attention if myself and a large amount of others will ever be using it again.
  7. I urge those that use macro loops to simply not log for awhile. Maybe they'll see a drop in server population and care? Doubtful but i don't have hundreds of hours to sit at my keyboard a week.
  8. Yeah you line your dances up in the skill bar in the order you want them to be used then hit auto hunt. When you hit autohunt your bd proceeds to go smack a mob and die unbuffed.
  9. Yeah so maybe you can just log 4 and do that. One of the reasons i meant their login #'s are going to go way down. I'm not even going to play with 4 of my many toons. not worth it.
  10. My only thought is that maybe now the botters will REALLY stand out now and they will be banned. But then no one would play so I'm 99.9999% wrong on that one.
  11. Nope you are right. No more auto hunt, gotta come back and rebuff. Given the exp tables this is not a good way to keep customers playing. All the time/effort spent logging and setting up your parties and maximizing macros and all the money you may have spent buying and selling mystery boxes from L2 store was pretty much all wasted in the space of 3 hours
  12. You are going to lose a lot of login numbers with this auto hunt change. People spent a lot of time leveling several toons using the system legitly and even invested money in their toons to get them geared by buying/selling frintezza/blizzard boxes etc. Now the the system fundamentally changes and they can no longer play all of their toons together in some semblance of harmony without being at they keyboard most of their waking lives to progress from 81-82. I can tell you one thing. I'm not going to be motivated to play when i buff with my warcryer and come back 20 minutes later to see my
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