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  1. and u find it normal that he tell u i speak TONIGHT (before 3 days) with dev team i make the same in my work when i wanna avoid customers or when we mess up like store
  2. no the dude says he dont go siege / oly and better for him cause those was destroyed allready. but he s active. ofc he will be on top with 12h/day gaming. we have any news with the game? i update dota for now
  3. yy from 500 ppl the 200 going to rb/siege i put extra 300 for the others now i m tired to login even 1 char to check who left. only for real/active i speak
  4. fun thing is bots will farm for other bots? active population i think is > 500 ppl (giran) u can see on siege/oly/ranks/rbs .and the number will drop more done with l2 if no macro for me i m too old to play so much active any suggection for other similar game will apriciated if anyone knows. ciao
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