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  1. Trade Scams in Giran town

    Okay, so here's the thing, honest players who mostly work, pay their credit cards and buy NCoin, are harmed and our GM's can't do anything to protect us? I advise you to do something about it @Juji @Hime because we are the ones who keep the server alive. Thank you
  2. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    From now on you can no longer use auto-hunting to farm your adenas in low lvl chars, and then you can go back to farming in high lvl chars. I was banned permanently by NCsoft for using 9 accounts in ROA making adena, they say I used bot, but wait, who here would use bots in an account with lvl 80+ chars? who here would use the same accounts that are VIP 5 and VIP 6 to farm adena with bot with the possibility of being banned? Obviously nobody would do that, just as I would never do either. I was just farming my adenas in ROA to buy supplies for my party lvl 80+ and I was banned. Congratulations to those involved in banning a player who has been playing since 2009 when the server was still being paid, who buys Ncoins periodically. @Juji and @Hime Ticket of Ban (23487465)
  3. I take my computer at NCsoft's door, they wouldn't find any external programs, even because I never used it! This is the L2 death certificate. Thanks
  4. There is no type of parameter. @Juji and @Hime I received the email saying that I was using an external program, abusive. I was banned with low lvl chars taking adena in ROA, in the same accounts as high level game. Would anyone using a bot use the same accounts to farm low lvl? of course not! Someone who has vip 5 and vip 6 chars would use these accounts to get adena? Obviously not because the chars would up faster and I would have to do more low lvl chars to get adena. Congratulations NCsoft for banning one player lvl 80+ and supports, congratulations for not knowing how to distinguish auto-hunting from a bot, congratulations for taking out a player who has char in Chronos, in Giran all lvl high, who has been playing since 2009 when the bills were still paid and congratulations on taking a collaborator off the server, because I always bought Ncoins at events!
  5. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    it is a basic market principle, we should have enough adena to bear the costs without having to move low lvl chars to adena farm places. Players start to get discouraged and consequently stop playing or log in less often. We need a quick fix!
  6. I sent a ticket to the game support and I am waiting for the accounts to be unbanned, it was not an IP ban because I have other accounts logged in, it was an account ban. I think it's amazing how they can't identify a bot and end up banning players who don't use a bot !!!!
  7. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    As if it was not enough for a party not to be self-sufficient when farming adena and buying soul shots, GMs are now banning accounts (which are not using any external program or BOT, only auto-hunting) that will farm adena to buy SS in Ruins of Agony, I don't know who did this brilliant job @Jujiand @Hime but please review your attitudes or whoever did it. Server Giran
  8. Look what a wonderful thing, Due to the economy being in chaos I decided to move 9 chars in Ruins of Agony making adena for me to buy SS and go back to farming at my mage party. I had the wonderful surprise of waking up and having my accounts banned, but why banned? Because I am trying to remedy a problem that GMs cannot solve. I'm getting adena with Auto Hunting, a mechanism that the game offers me, without using any type of external program or Bot and I was banned. I would like to congratulate the NCsoft team @Juji and @Hime or whoever did it for yet another horrible job, now players who try to farm their adena to buy soul shots legally will be banned !!!!
  9. Update 16.01

    Just like you, I was also excited and able to level my chars, without the macro loop I will not be able to level with the top players, so I will be discouraging and stop playing, simple as that.
  10. So no macro?

    Just log in to any classic server and see most of the dissatisfaction, i'm one that will wait for the macro loop to come back or just stop playing. lineage 2 has always been my passion for games, I will have to look for another game if this update is not reviewed. #FailUpdate