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  1. When fish stew will be tradable again???
  2. NCSOFT dont afraid that! There is the rumors, that Samsung will make a new smartphone, call it L2Galaxy, ant OS will be written by ncsoft rolf
  3. This game was doomed to death after update where grades was removed.... then dworfs lost ability to craft shots... This update was the last nail in the L2 coven. Legit players lost everything. Bots lose just large income from drop, which they sell to the npc shops. Try to find a free place in necro-no chance. I checked some hunting places-bots are in places where they was. Parties work well. Just go to the Death Pass and will see trains and trains of donkeys deleveling on 80+ mobs... And now you removed ability get some adena for players even from fishing!!!! Why you just dont removed adena fr
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