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  1. What a great news! Thanks @Juji for your attention and support! It is a joy to know that you are paying attention to our demands. I will report to members of my clan to return to the game as soon as possible. It is worth remembering that there are some other problems found in game, but certainly over the days, it will be corrected. Once again, we are all grateful for your attention and commitment to this community. Big hug
  2. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16490-known-issues-winter-of-war-01202020/ Hello @Juji! Could you tell me where I get the Shiny Coin on the Giran Server? I believe it doesn't even exist in it, but it is being charged in negotiations with some NPCs.
  3. Hey NCSOFT would you give us some information about the claims made by these numerous players unhappy with the update? Or is it really that you don't care? Answers please!
  4. WTF NCSOFT, You guys blew L2. How can someone who works and has other obligations compete with the BOTs you allow ??? Do you want a server only for BOTs and RMTs ??? You are working against yourself. Please review this decision to remove macros, assist. and sell to the NPC and make the real players happy. Unfortunately if such updates are not reviewed, many will stop playing. Move
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