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  1. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

    Where is https://l2wiki.com/Balthus_Knights NCSOFT ? again only part of update came to ncwest ..
  2. respect

    You have better chances to win at lottery then in lineage 2 man
  3. R110 Grade New Gear on KOREA Server!!

    Elmar can you please provide additional info if they are available? It say that you can upgrade Blessed r99 weapons and armor to new r110 grade .. i notice the costs are insane .. can you please prove a detailed requirement for weapon and armor ? its better to know before if it worthed the costs . My second question , what about current Dark /bloody weapons and armors ? is there a compensation or a way to remove the Dark/bloody stones you used ? and get the same enchantment level but blessed ... I hope ncsoft thought a way so that the current progress will not be thrown away and people can get at least something back from their costs New raid boss jewels ..same questions .. seems developers are just erasing history of lineage 2 adding new items and forgeting about old ones ..any compensation or again years of work lost in vain ..