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  1. Some chars are only to do that another day im uping in ruins of agony and some guy lvl 78 just pk me and the bots continue in ruins of agony, many spellsingers full karmian (grade C) just dominating the place and farming. please see this guys
  2. There its many chars created only for pk anothers, im just uping and ruins of agony with a new char and someone lvl 78 just pk me. and the bots continues in ruins of agony normaly, very spellsingers with grade c just dominating the área please solve this ncsoft
  3. its absolutly impossible to mages up with blessed spiritshots now, i really dont understeand this last uptade...
  4. If you click in word info, and click in all quests you will see a total of just only 37 quests on the game thats right, ONLY 37 diferentes quests in lvl 1 to max and haf of this quests (22 to be precised) you do it in just one day! (lvls 1 to 25) In the past Lineage has many quests in all levels to pick and now its deactivaded, there is a lot of quests monsters in the game absolutly uselles (because the quest do not exist anymore) Can you please activade some quests in npcs to we have more fun in the game?
  5. In the name of all players like me i want to thank the GMS and the team ncsoft for lisent all the players and bring back the macro loopthere is many things to discuss, the game its far to be fair, but we have to take a break and say that for nowthank you
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