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  1. Okay, guys obviously there are a ton of you that are upset. The only way that we will get through to the Dev's is if we STOP supporting the game. This game used to be 15$ a month with a thriving community, and a game that had direction. I know people who have spent thousands of dollars on this game and have ended up with NOTHING to show for it. That is 66 Monthly subscriptions. These people are making a killing off of each and every one of you that wants to support this game (Which i totally support ) with nothing to show for the hundred yet thousands of dollars that you have spent.
  2. First off, i would like to say that this skill is a Bane of my Existence, why is that mages can take out sever party members because they do 0 damage to that mage? Who the hell thought that this would be the correct skill to give a very powerful class? So nooooow as an archer; a class that once owned mages, can no longer have a 1v1 match because the mage will win every....single...time. Am i missing something and is there a counter to this? Why NCsolt SMH...Fix your game.
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