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  1. Please put a toggle on the Auto-Hunt similar to "Pickup" but instead makes your character stationary! This lack of function makes it hard for us to farm without running around all over the place! The interface was perfect the first time it came out! This new interface is junk! NOTE: This insert is just one of MANY DEFECTS of this last update! Respectfully, Teddy
  2. As far as I know its impossible to get right now, because they changed everything in Dragon Valley. Your only chance is to buy from a player that has it.
  3. In many cases "Spiritshots" were used just to increase casting speed. Now people have to spend 3 times as much just for casting speed? It's like only selling super-unleaded gasoline and this is what you drive!
  4. The only buffs/skills that can be looped have a green circle on the top right corner of the skill icon. They failed to make the Warcryer/Overlord buffs loop along with songs/dances. Any buff/skill that has an effective duration will automatically reactivate once that duration ends...
  5. LMAO! I'd like to believe that I am speaking for most players in our community when I say "We love you man and we know this isn't your fault!" I'm just trying to bring some smiles into a very dismal situation and we all know you're working hard to restore our game back to normalcy. With that being said it would be an honor for me to "BUFF" you with Might, Greater Might, Haste, Berserk, Windwalk, Greater Windwalk, COV, Paagrio's Wisdom, Empower, and Sayha's Influence so that it may give you Godspeed and Bi-Partisan diplomacy to get L2 Classic running smoothly again! Community, am I missing a
  6. Guys NC Soft just updated the software on my 86 inch Sony Smart TV and now I can't download any APPS and when I press the volume up button on my remote it opens my garage door. I also noticed that they allowed me to "Loop Macro" the "on and off switch" on my TV so that it turns on and off by itself every 30 seconds! Its hard for me to watch movies now and my electricity bill went up by 30% and my garage door opener is over-heating! Has anyone experienced this issue yet? Respectfully, Teddy
  7. Great observation! Also please restore the characters name on the main screen so we don't have to make unnecessary clicks to see what character we are currently playing! This is basic common sense stuff! Whose idea was it to remove the character's name on the main screen? I really want an explanation why they did it, how it benefits players, and how it benefited the game overall? These questions need to be asked to understand the thought process and qualifications of the individual(s) responsible. Also, what is NC Soft doing to hold these individuals accountable for this mishap? This en
  8. Go farm in Cruma 2 and you'll see what I mean...
  9. You're right! They turned one of the best MMORPGs out there into trash! They need to make some drastic changes in the department that oversees these kind of things! Somebody is dropping the ball and not doing their job! This is too big of a fail to slip through the cracks!
  10. xTeddyx


    Don't do Olympiad until they fix everything. They screwed the game up royally!
  11. I have this same issue and its annoying and costing me XP loss! The original Auto-hunt feature didn't have this issue... They broke it along with a lot of other useful things with this new UI...
  12. Yes they had one entire week to fix the damages done and all they did was add "macro-looping" back, and it still does not work right. My assisting party will stop assisting for no reason at all even though the assist macro is still highlighted and activated on the "hotbar." They took away the vital option to "anchor" your main assist so it doesn't run around and the party remains in its controlled area. They had one week to fix things and they did the most minimal job possible! They had months to test this new UI before they launched it. They failed us and this game miserably! Many of my
  13. Also the “new and inferior auto-hunt feature“ will simply stop working if you’re main assist gets ported away in Cruma 2 by the Perums. The previous version did not stop at all and continued to target the next mob. Please fix this! If possible, please change the entire team who was responsible for this last update. Assign them to improve the design of an automobile, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to make the tires square! Sorry for my sarcasm... Respectfully, Teddy
  14. You can’t anchor your Main Assist and your party gets stuck or overlaps other people’s hunting areas. Bring back the original Auto-Hunt box where you can drag a macro into it and your Main Assist doesn’t attack the next target but simply buffs and heals while choosing the next target for your party to engage. This new Auto-Hunt box is a hundred times inferior to the previous one! It is definitely not an improvement but more of a hassle and an inconvenience. Seriously you guys need to test things for functionality before you release it and make sure it’s effective and makes sense! Or bette
  15. Please stay positive! Your perplexed mind may have the power to speak things into existence.. On a side note: It might be a great idea to bring back the old DEV team to fix it because they did it right the first time. This new team has no idea what they are doing and made the "Auto-Hunt" feature painfully unplayable. No delay options, looping skills that weren't meant to be looped, and disregarded the importance of looping buffs, songs, and dances. They also dropped the ball on assisting and the option to anchor the main assist... They created a limited user interface missing critical d
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