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  1. So no more Silver Coin?

    Sorry! But expect what? What is the mystery? Sadly you have not made changes that satisfy the community or something balanced for you and the community. They have only done things that only benefit their bank accounts. I am clear that a game does not live for free and that there must be "payment". but I am also clear that the games also need the community that does not pay, because they cannot or do not want to. The more players the better the economy for the community and for you, but with their actions they have only made the players withdraw day after day; Increase discontent over your bad decisions. I want to think that you are not aware of the mistakes you have made and that are trying to solve them ... What happens is that you have lost all the confidence of the community. You must analyze the changes as a player, not as Administrator ... What benefits the community I assure you will benefit you. As they say in my country: You reap what you sow! And you have sown a lot of weeds. Hopefully read and understand our requests ... We do not ask for everything for free, but something balanced.
  2. So no more Silver Coin?

    I agree with this comment! Even when they will continue to make changes that do not benefit the game at all ... What do they want to do? Destroy the little community left on the servers ?. Or at least explain what you want to achieve with these crazy changes. Listen to the community that they are screaming at you not to continue damaging the game.
  3. Many of you are looking at this wrong...

    It's not like we're looking at it badly ... It's WRONG and you don't want to realize it. Understands! The bots have always been, are and always will be. This update does not change for good, but for worse ... The people of my clan no longer want to play, because we are people with family and the macro helped us to optimize the time. You don't mean he didn't play normal ... Towards Raid, he cheered and quest. Now there are no people to do Raid, farming is a nightmare and I only have the quest. I mean this update (No Macro) is destroying the server. About your way of farming is acceptable, but as I told you there are many people with family and work.