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  1. I don't place my votes on the greedy chest, they are to blame too, but the number of fishermen, low level accounts being raised for consumption of mente coin (so high) , and many people wanting to upload and log their dolls to enjoy the event, makes the server with long queues.
  2. it makes perfect sense, as I haven't thought about it before. Putz
  3. ah I thought it was irony, I am very happy to realize that I am becoming hostile.
  4. are you talking **** here buddy? there are people who connect a lot more 10 toons in a single computer, greedy hunters, connected and who has rune rolling while unable to play ... are you saying this is balanced or fair?
  5. who is spending more time in the queue than playing type: La Cucaracha
  6. 4 disconnect on the same day, 1h and 30 waiting super long queues, 250, 340, 440. It is impossible to play this way than it is worth paying destiny pack, prestige pack, and not having priority to enter over program users to hunt greed chest. Adding only the queue time today is going to 5 hours offline, I spend more time in the queue than playing. https://prnt.sc/11zpzgx
  7. while mage is dragging to farm and reach an acceptable level, here comes another nerf from adena.
  8. that's is true how is possible im more improve than before event... and farm less after event...
  9. reverse event? what is this?!???!?! why don't you put the same adena before? no idea why i will still spent with prestige wtf Stronghold in the World Normal > NA Fixed an issue where the Adena quantity was scaled beyond the intended design for the Isle of Souls Stronghold timed hunting zone. The Adena quantity has been drastically reduced + Lag + angel cat + dragon buff + dandy. this was supposed to be an event, congratulations onwards like that.
  10. Being stuck for 2 minutes with people campering inside the instance is cool? this instance has time, costs a value and to be honest it's not so fair when you're being campered and already died 10 times (20 minutes locked)
  11. These areas of instances should not be allowed the pk swords ... There are people spending time and money on this ... and there are people who pick up these weapons just to bleep off ... Just as we can't get in. dragons should not be allowed in instances
  12. buffs for free guys come to Fantasy Island.. Ups i forget we cant log
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