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  1. reverse event? what is this?!???!?! why don't you put the same adena before? no idea why i will still spent with prestige wtf Stronghold in the World Normal > NA Fixed an issue where the Adena quantity was scaled beyond the intended design for the Isle of Souls Stronghold timed hunting zone. The Adena quantity has been drastically reduced + Lag + angel cat + dragon buff + dandy. this was supposed to be an event, congratulations onwards like that.
  2. Being stuck for 2 minutes with people campering inside the instance is cool? this instance has time, costs a value and to be honest it's not so fair when you're being campered and already died 10 times (20 minutes locked)
  3. These areas of instances should not be allowed the pk swords ... There are people spending time and money on this ... and there are people who pick up these weapons just to bleep off ... Just as we can't get in. dragons should not be allowed in instances
  4. buffs for free guys come to Fantasy Island.. Ups i forget we cant log
  5. and there are still randons finding the 8 hour buffs cool lmfao
  6. It's looking like my mobile device reducing mobs (apps) to fit more people in the game
  7. close the limit of macro back to 3 and let who want play still playing
  8. Lineage 2 play for free where the macro bots 1 computer with 2 partys playing right now, and single players cannot log in.
  9. What is the logic of reducing farm areas? Are you forcing all Suports players to go solo? what logic people come to play and things only get worse ... release 383712837 box free lag server, and diminish the mob spot.
  10. Please turn off the server people are with many box's and i am with 2 pretty lagged wtff.... i'm spending xp stuff and rune and i can't play wtf
  11. Good afternoon, I would like to know if it would be possible to release the sealing of Red Cat / Blue Cat 3 / 4lvl ... on other servers this is already available .. I am making a kind of appeal to improve the chance of making the jewelry brooch lvl 4 .. I had a colleague of mine who spent 210 boxes of obisidian only made 1 lvl 4 ... the new fields are hard .. who has jewelry of brooch lvl 5/6 is an absurd advantage. This difficult to put to lvl 4 jewel in that the game is getting totally unbalanced .. both in pve and pvp. On the old Shirts why not put the stones of +7 pro +8 and anoth
  12. They call our CP pt of the ducks
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