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  1. hum no... you dont play this week ist your choice not nc choice they give us that you want a full set s unsealed too?
  2. message to ncsoft read your log we dont have auto hunt this week some bot pt farm all the week non stop read your log and ban them !!! FOR INFORMATION A REAL PLAYER CANT PLAY 1 WEEK WITHOUT GO EAT OR SLEEP WE ARE HUMAN !!!!only bot doe that so read your log....
  3. Report ! video !

    this bot farm in cruma i report it but they dont ban him i think if you contact nc and you pay you are allowed to bot
  4. press heal and game say target to far blabla before this upshit you press heal your toon run on his target and heal why he dont run more?
  5. bot pay ncsoft that all and ncsoft consider bot like a part of the game if a player bot he take a ban if a gold seller bot he are not ban why?cause HE PAY NCSOFT !!
  6. put hp bar on your pet in option this one dont have a bleeping latency i die a lot cause of this latence you think your pet have hp and no he have only 10% one more time GG ncsoft