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  1. You can Get it only from some other player or if you buy (again from other players) Heine Coins, 17000 i think it needs No other way and as stated before there is no hope for future fishing event
  2. WTT +10 R99 Heavy set, Full Element, 2 parts Blessed, Vesper Noble Appearance for +8 R110 Heavy Set Clean (Not Enchanted, No Element) PM ingame: Agriojohn
  3. No it is not - Not really, there are other advantages with this - Not really On topic Now I changed the options in the system message today and i noticed that when this issue is happening, the soulshot is not used i have the feeling that it is either the melee lag or i just "miss" ...
  4. I hunt with ingame macro and i don't use bluff because it is not necessary when farming, I kill more mobs per hour (in the area that i auto hunt) without it. The mobs have always their back on me after shadow chase because i always hunt with a tank in party so all the mobs are targeting the tank. This issue is visible only because i use /forceskilluse in my macro to prevent normal attacks since they are useless damagewise and i also don't use shadow reverse in auto hunt for the reaso you said ofcourse all the self buffs are on always also my macro is very small so shad
  5. the screens are from stronhold and i am 110 the same happens in all areas that i farm (storm, pi, fom etc)
  6. In the screens you can see that the skills were used but no result in other damage or "resist/evade" from mob in both cases i was in the back of the mob any guess? @Juji maybe you can share some knowledge?
  7. Hi, i would like an explanation (if anyone knows) on the issue that i see on my GH that i can't understand. So during farming and while spammin skills some stabs don't do anything at all. I mean that i use e.g. Heart Breaker and it doesn't do any damage neither i get a message of "miss" or that the mob evaded or anything. It just like the skill despite the fact that is cast, it is with no result at all. Anyone else facing this issue and/or know what is happening? Thanks
  8. With what numbers you compare it Don't forget that we had server settings on the base xp of the mobs
  9. Despite the fact it doesn't say in clan quest, you get one letter pouch when you receive the clan quest rewards
  10. All the skills that DON'T need a target selected will flag
  11. Since there are thousands as you say that need rune stones... why dont you just make a CP only for that. Gather up 7 ppl (in which every one will have a 99 box), and Farm the stones. Isn' this the whole point of L2 since the beginning? Balok is 2 times a week with almost 100% probability of rune stone, you can make with same party istina which is also 100% on rune stone and tavern which is low on chance but still drops them. It will take some time but still it will be an item that you farmed it . It is not hard, will be fun and at the end you will: 1) Be proud
  12. well... just in 5 lines (that they revealed in teh oreview) the homunkulus is limited to one while in eu is 2 and they posted just 5 lines of inf xP
  13. the quest for the 2 scrolls remains the same plus the mentee coins make it to 6 mentees from 85-105 mentee coins rewards are in total 100k coins 85, 99, 103, 105
  14. They have announced this since the event launch (5 months back), next time read the event page thoroughly... https://www.lineage2.com/news/freyas-fortune-stick-2019
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