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  1. @Juji you said that the horizons update will finish next week, should we expect any dramatic changes moreover from these?
  2. I am on this game since the C5 and on this server since Goddess update... in all these years i have NEVER seen easy exp besides the server settings period the last 2 years... It was NEVER and NOTHING easy to do anything. I don't know in which game you are referring when speaking for the past but surely you don't mean L2. The server and game is giving enough to be able to play, not to compete but play. The competition aspect is a matter of money, the play and enjoy is a matter of patience and knowledge. It is expensive for sure to be competitive but it is still
  3. actually they have written it right below the Table with the mammon talisman rename Added the ability to exchange existing upgrade stones to Crystal of Dawn at the Dimensional Merchant NPC. The Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll exchange for Noble Upgrade Stones and Radiant Upgrade Stones has been removed from the Dimensional Merchant NPC. The previous 4 types of Upgrade stones can no longer be used, and the item supplied as an NPC drop reward has been replaced with ‘Crystal of Dawn.’
  4. Option to add element not str**** (I keep having in my mind that all rings get STR with silenite)
  5. On one hand we have Trasken with its 20% Crit Dmg (rest stats for pve i think are irrelevant) and on the other we have Angel Ring with 10% Crit Dmg, 10% Skill Crit Dmg, option to add STR and the perspective to risk for +6 or more for more goof stats... What are your thoughts?
  6. All you needed to do was to select North America in the country drop-down menu. The launcher was and is working without problem since many years now.
  7. The exp is indeed improved. I don't know what you expect to see. It was well known to be reduced 20-30% depending the lvl. The ones that compare the exp tables from EU must know that we have lower exp requirements per level than eu server. Last week that they reduced their exp requirements they were at the same point as we were before today's reduce. On a mob's exp reward the difference is unnoticeable. You will all see that there is difference on the total.
  8. This is an interesting PoV but... What comes first? The hit or the critical? And if the stab doesn't crit shouldn't it make some dmg? (Small but some), plus in my case it doesn't even use the soulshot and since the critical is an effect and not an action i don't think it is the case. 8 It doesn't hurt me though to try with a few dex potions +10 My stats btw with no armor atm 150 STR 84 DEX
  9. WTT +8 Enchanted R110 Breastplate and +8 Enchanted R110 Gaiters for +8 Enchanted R110 Leather Armor and +8 R110 Enchanted Leather Leggings mail/pm "Agriojohn
  10. Returning to this after a while... I have "recreated" this miss (or however you want to call it) even on NPC in town using skill while pressing Ctrl This continues to be very strange. To sum up i don't have a problem farming or killing or in dmg, rarely a mob in my hunting areas need a 3rd hit, but still it is very interesting on why is happening and why i have no message on it. @iHyperlite Maybe it is happening to you also but you can't see it since you spam the skills as you say... who knows i will try to record a small farming session to
  11. Considering that the Auto-Hunt/AFK farming is now the "clue" of the game there is something that is annoying and doesn't make sense if you ask me. When an ISS is getting skill mastery his Buff duration doubles but this makes the auto buffing a bit disfunctioning because when he gets skill mastery the party stays without this buff for half hour. So my suggestion is: Either make it so that when ISS gets skill mastery, the whole party gets the same effect (which is the most logical in my opinion) or disable the skill mastery on ISS completely
  12. You can Get it only from some other player or if you buy (again from other players) Heine Coins, 17000 i think it needs No other way and as stated before there is no hope for future fishing event
  13. No it is not - Not really, there are other advantages with this - Not really On topic Now I changed the options in the system message today and i noticed that when this issue is happening, the soulshot is not used i have the feeling that it is either the melee lag or i just "miss" ...
  14. I hunt with ingame macro and i don't use bluff because it is not necessary when farming, I kill more mobs per hour (in the area that i auto hunt) without it. The mobs have always their back on me after shadow chase because i always hunt with a tank in party so all the mobs are targeting the tank. This issue is visible only because i use /forceskilluse in my macro to prevent normal attacks since they are useless damagewise and i also don't use shadow reverse in auto hunt for the reaso you said ofcourse all the self buffs are on always also my macro is very small so shad
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