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  1. Returning player from H5. Had a bit of nostalgia an i heard good thing about L2 CLassic so i wanted to check myself. LSS i heard that while classic it's a P2W it was quite balanced and still fun to play. I have few question since i don't seem to be able to gt into the game at all: 1: No starter 15d weap choise? I made a Tyrant, how I should be able to use my skills? 2: Inability to farm adena. Monster simply doesn't provide me enough gold to purchase SSs, Potions and save up a bit for a C grade gear .... what I'm supposed to do once the 15d weap expire since i can't even afford to purchase potions and I'm stuck on 8-15k adena? 3: I hear botter weren't a problem ... guess it was a joke since RoA it's full of them i could not even find a safe spot to farm for the quest 4: Inflation... aren't C and B grade common drops from field raids? How come they cost so much? 160kk for a C grade +6 set seems crazy stuff since i can't even afford SS I'm the one that didn't get something or the server are in a really lame state and all the good talk where just fake advising or related to older patch? Sorry for the poor english and tnx for any reply