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    Well, here with a lover of l2, there are many points to say so here we go this exalted search part 6 edited I think it shouldn't exist per player the crowd goes for a long time, then wins a book that is not the same thing SS and it doesn’t compensate for many hours of work adena and little earns handicraft items if you win you can’t sell as an example ether and very little, kartia must be reactivated and better like falling as a dimensional rift it must also be reactivated as a search for space should also why if you have more than one exalted task, the task must be reactivated and create 3 reward steps of 3 to 7m per mission, or if you do not choose a craft item that is sold at a fixed price at wholesale. improves gameplay in free vs siege action or free cannot participate because a feat of 1 time in skill dies all attacks have no free combat takes damage and cause 1 million damage so no game leaves balanced where there is 50% free 50 % of action