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  1. I'd like to thank you for giving us an updated ios 1 and then just taking it away weeks later. Not to mention this is right after your dragon slasher enchant rewards showing us what other regions get and how much we get bent over. Oh and also thanks for still no einhasad shop and putting lvl 1 jewel boxes on l2 store for at this point almost 600 mil per gem powder. Shall I keep going or...
  2. With your setup you're more regular crit dmg and not p.skill crit dmg build. I'd suggest keeping the titan or work more towards a pskill build if you wanted to switch to duelist.
  3. Enchanting has become absolutely 0 fun. Before it was fun knowing there was a chance for a luck proc, now it's you better hope the enchant succeeds because you're screwed if it doesn't. Trash enchanting system NC...
  4. Either they need to reintroduce the herb or they need to make dragon weps more accessible, Gems affordable and artifacts available. People can spend $5k on one event and never even see a stage 1. Kinda ridiculous imo
  5. I'm looking forward to that one day where 1500 attck spd is really 1500 and not 500. I just know one day it'll happen!
  6. @Juji @Hime Seems this free event is a very good step in the right direction. Thanks for working for/with us to get the server back on track and having a happier client/player base. Kudos
  7. It's Alpha, he was in your party for a couple hrs 1 day
  8. Let's be honest, the reason you're not 110 or higher is more to do with not having stable internet and shitty macros. We were all around the same lvl at one point and I'll be hitting 110 in a week tops with this xp event.
  9. With 2 110 DDs and 108 tank we were able to do around 10 tril an hr sustainable. Takes good setup and a little know how but it's doable
  10. We get that, but they have the power to leave it and actually keep the player base somewhat happy. We're saying the 1 good thing was that screw up and yet they take it away from us.
  11. The one good thing that came from this update was the IoS upgrade and you guys took that.... Thanks for listening to us as far as keeping that. P2W is the only way I guess
  12. Please tell exactly how this is an exploit as all you're doing is using ingame macros...
  13. And many people who have RMTed all their gear abuse the war system by sending war to pve clans... which is the lesser evil then in your eyes?
  14. The server settings are boosted 100%, it won't show in your bonus % on your vit.
  15. Because maybe people don't like playing DDs? The event should include all classes equally... you shouldn't have to have a DD class in order to partake in an event meant for everybody
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