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  1. Gotta love how a skill used by tyrrs to "provoke" enemies into attacking doesn't even work in kamaloka. Thanks for crippling me even more in this event
  2. How can I upgrade Dragon shirt?

    You have to wait for the next pay 2 play event for dragon shirts
  3. Not worth it!!!

    Your clan leader Divekio already created a cry thread about this, maybe take it there... if you don't like it ask for the war system to be changed. Big clans take advantage of the war system much worse than a couple of small clans making it impossible to war them. GG
  4. Can not resolve hostname

    Can not resolve host name has always been an internet connection issue for me
  5. You're accusing them of being toxic when in fact it's well known you're nothing but that... it's called hypocrisy.
  6. First person I blocked in Chronos was you when I first started back. Nothing but toxic vomit comes from you. Those who live in glass houses Divekio...
  7. So you're telling me a 14 member clan can wipe the floor with your clan? Sounds like you're just upset because 14 people have that big of impact when your big bad clan doesn't even matter. And you realize anybody can pk right? And another thing to note, said clan is constantly shouting to help lowbies in IT and bigger clans come in and pk the lowbies in party too.
  8. The system doesn't protect people who want to pve, it actually hinders their ability to when a bully such as yourself wants to bully. The 14 member clan is just protecting itself from bullying and making it so they have the control when and where they want to pvp. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. What about small clans that just want to farm the open field and because they're in your lowbies spot you declare war on them? Is that a a consequence people should face? Stfu already
  10. I agree something should be done with the war system, but saying it's an exploit is ridiculous.... also making it so you can't fight back without having war activated because you have a bully clan is also ridiculous. The 5 kills is dumb. Make it so there's no penalty for pvping when declared upon and you'll get more pvp plain and simple. Until then people will utilize these tactics
  11. Weren't you just banned for exploiting?
  12. You've got plenty of alt clans... just put a party there and do the same thing. Problem solved topic dead
  13. Ilshmila has a recording of it he already put on the forums. Go find it
  14. Account Creation Failed

    Try making an account on your phone from a different network.
  15. Is this the same divekio who was exploiting vit regen by keeping toons in a safe zone?