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  1. Hello! I'm Looking for new CP. Class: Tank Eva's Templar lv 102. Dual: Iss Hierophant lv 100 ( almost 101 ) subs: 80/80. I want a cool cp/clan with people can help in pve, have action and be active. Honestly I've always been a player for pvp, but the game has become expensive and, I need to go little by little exploring the pve / pvp. I'm looking for a CP with honest and organized people. My schedule is based on playing on schedule gmt +2 or gmt -3 both are cool for me. My gears: Dont have much but if i found a cp i can improve azap act
  2. Congratulations to the Morning Star, but we must recognize that after three years you have succeeded, and even then many of the old Nova players have stopped or moved to other clans. So I believe that at the same time that we congratulate, we feel sorry for MS, to get something for free, since there was nobody to defend. And in the current situation of the game where the one with the most money wins, MS and the credit cards won.
  3. Hello! InnerCircle Clan is open. We're looking for gamers to try to bring a bit more fun to the game, without bumping into just two sides: MSxNova. Our intention is to improve to be competitive, both in pve or pvp. We do not want a full clan, but good people to play together. We are open to any class lv 100+ from any region. If you are interested, please contact: Milandor - iLornock - SwordEdge.
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