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  1. I just want to thank those responsible for carrying out the Lara event. Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave us to get some items from the game for free.

    Also for the vitality NPC.

    Somehow the game is improving; Hopefully the server issues will be solved soon, but otherwise congratulations and thanks again for the event.

    I think it is valid as when we complain; also knowing how to thank and recognize.

    I got 1 Talisman abundance - Outlaw; hoping to get an AQ or Baium but maybe those has the lower % of drop from the box.

    If you people want to share what did you get from the event it will be awesome!.


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  2. Well I've been playing the game more these days, now i believe i got a better perspective.

    The only thing ive done this days ive returned to the game has been afk grinding and some poor daily quests, all the zones are crowded; and you spend lots on soulshots even with the exalted gear. Poor adena drops, poor gear drops, no wild raid bosses avaiable and mobs hard as stone. I also love the "0.0000001%" chance of getting a chest and the "0.000001%" chance to get a good item from it. What's next a chest inside another chest like the windy talisman?. GRIN]D[AGE?

    The problem remains the same and i believe if others don't let me lie is worst now... the people starting in the game can't farm adenas to get better gear according to their level; compared to the top tiers, starters can't do much (why the cookies can are so high mom)?... All the instances with good rewards are party needed.... Even if the instance mobs doesn't even require it cuz they fall very fast. Can we make em 3 people minimum requirement party???.

    Want buffs? You need adena.
    Want to travel? You need adena.
    Want soulshots? You need adena.
    Want gear? You need adenas.
    Want SA on the weapon? Guess what? You need adena... 

    Serious rebalance of the classes PVE/PVP are a need. YUL]N[EAGE??.

    Instead of leaving us farming 40k of marks all days, could they develop more SOLO/REWARD quests so at least we can enjoy some of the hours and actually play the game?.

    Also can they make the wild RAID BOSSES instanced? so we can all do it. When do we gonna have a chance to fight vs those raids??.  Never? Like if they doesn't even were there.... The same people farming the same raid bosses all days and the rest of the population when??.

    Same with the EVIL SWORDS it's that a daily payment to top tiers??? Wouldn't be better to give standard stats to the swords? Intead of taking players equipment and stats to it?? So all the people would run for the swords and ok 10-20 people trying to kill the SWORD user?? Wouldn't that be an actual challenge?. Or is a 1-3 man bussiness only?. If that's a mechanic to sell?... The ones that can farm lots of adena and items daily getting more easy adena, hmmmm... PAY]N[EAGE?

    Instead of wasting efforts on Classic... Wouldn't be awesome to improve the updated LineageII?.

    I don't know who is doing the maths about, drops, quests, intances, rewards, but seriously is not fun after some days... Since idk... Maybe 2 weeks or 3 that ive returned I've really played hardly in hours just 1-2 days. The rest was grinding.

    Rune stones... Its a shame in some classes that needs some of those skills. Those runes should be erased as a requirement ASAP. 

    Spoilers... What's the advantage of having one right now? Since all they spoil is soul stones and you did the same as with the "aden chests" before... u can spoil an augmenting stone, now you need 13447116392 soulstones to buy 1 augmenting stone... Very nasty. Enchants from spoil gone!! Any other Othell does the job better for farming....

    The people that played main ISS including the good old Domi with their amazing curses and drains. Trashed....

    When do the game changed so much for bad?. The art keeps me amazed, the skills, the characters, the architecture,  it has so many amazing things on the game but is hard to enjoy a game that made all that damage to it's own and it's players. 

    And no, i will not return to the classic version, ty.

    THE PROS....

    The game runs better as before.

    Free exalted Gear, jewels, talismans. 

    Auto hunt.

    All the 3 above ofc because it was necessary...

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  3. Well... Ive been reading the post and yes on farming the tyrr is slow compared to yuls, and mages also farm is annoying sometimes. I believe Tyrrs are not the only thing that is needed to be rebalanced or checked; but ok returning to the point, for example.... Evi class doesn't need any rune stones to do good damage and Titans needs 8 rune stones to get the 2handed buff skill, translated in game language 800kk adenas. So the damage can be more likely like the evi... So evis are cheaper same as Yuls or mages in comparison vs the Titan. So go figure out wich improvements they gonna make to the titans i hope those improvements doesnt require rune stones also.... Cuz i don't have any1 yet. 


    Basically what I see that they have implemented is for top tier players, ways to restore or change equipment. The only good thing I perceive is the exalted; although frankly I doubt that you can do something vs a player who donated at the time. He has the raid boss so far and still farming.
    In their time the raid boss were for everyone. The current farming system is very poor, you spend more on spirit ores and soulshots than what you collect in adena and instance rewards. Very few quests. And a lot of grinding to get anything... or almost nothing ....
    I said it at the time before I quit the game, quests that give 1.5kk daily and you spend 3kk on doing them ... The logic of DEVS is very strange and im amazed they still doing it.

    One goes away from the top tier to play on another server and do some raid bosses and they merge the servers... So they mantain you in the same hell you want to get out, It is a demonic system, really.

           +++++++IDEAS +++++++

    At least give more drop of armor, weapons or enchants... With good probability. It is not possible for one to improve with 700-1500 adena of monsters and that when you get adena drop... sometimes they drop 0... You spend more on soulshots not worth it or spend them. To not play well ... I better use Facebook to waste time.

    What is the challenge for the strongest clan in a server? NONE.... They have everything and know that others will never reach them. So I propose more DROPS so the game does not die and give opportunity to those who do not have access to the raid boss of farming and little by little, not as slow as now; with the 0.00001% drop rate demonic system... and have a chance to compete in the far future vs top tiers.

    What are the top tier going to do next? Are they going to be left alone on the server?

    More instances with discent drops also daily. Even if you give us that... come on! You know; we will not be able to reach your top tier clients anytime soon..... So it's not a bad idea.  Shadow and Event Items are worthless and you know it...  

    Most of the free games got a lot of population and money because 1- the game is free 2- you can get the items by paying or easy farm and 3- you can be competitive maybe not top tier but at least competitive.

    They also survive from aesthetics item sellings not main items... (Look Call of duty Mobile selling system)...

    The game has to be difficult; not annoying.

    More fun, more players, more clients, more money. WIN=WIN.

    Finally i've started playing L2 like 15 years ago or more i love the game, i want to believe is one of the best games.

    In that time a guy with a C or B armor could beat a guy with A equipment.

    And that was fun, and competitive, skilled game. Now all relays on items ok... But give me some....

    So we all can connect to the game and have fun like those days.

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