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  1. WOOOOOW, You fixed the Refund option in shops? Nice!!
  2. Servers Down

    Attendance rewards are reset, yay!
  3. Dye

    max is +15 if i understood your question corectly.
  4. Is it safe to use tokens in macro?

    what? %self doesnt work anymore?
  5. Kingdom Cloaks Event, When?

    That's because we are here for one reason only.... to be milked.
  6. New Char Issue

    There is a solution written somewhere on the forum, something about do not right click on the chat tab.
  7. [HELP] Can't walk glitch

    type /unstuck wait 5 mins to complete that action
  8. As Farm jewels Broochs

    It's to late
  9. Wierd UI Windows

  10. Wierd UI Windows

    I had the pleasure to encounter with a few weird interface windows on several occasions, so i decided to capture them and show them to you..... 1)Target Window: The Player Name is in green, but the player in question had no color in his name... (also the font is different) Dammit, the forum will not let me insert the screenshot, you have to imagine it.
  11. LAG

    You are probably the only one... i have, and hear about lag problems from every direction.
  12. And if i use Force-Attack, i will affect non-flagged people aswell right?
  13. So, for example the Yul's Phoenix Arrow skill will give dmg to the other players even without Force-Attack?
  14. Option to disable PvP

    it will not fix the problem
  15. There it is: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=633502&query=집혼석&searchType=content The ability to remove the existing SA from a weapon (the SA crystal is kept)