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  1. Thats easy, Summoner is both mage and fighter
  2. And your Next Target is set to what type?
  3. Does the launcher create atleast the Lineage II folder? Or anything in it?
  4. Sadly, the Koreans doesn't care.....
  5. There should be -1.8% P. Def... The attacked target get lower P. Def. as long that debuff is apllied.
  6. First: This is the wrong forum section. Second: https://translate.yandex.com/translate https://l2central.info/essence/
  7. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/22265-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-august-11-2021/ Turn your brain on, ty...
  8. I use them once i get them... I need space in my inventory so i can switch to dual/main.
  9. Dawe

    Game Crash

    New more info:
  10. I was able to fix the problem, and a few more by uninstalling the ASUS GameFirst utility.
  11. Im not sure how other companies work, but as for nProtect, if something is not released yet, it doesn't exist. Maybe their team is working on the compatibility internally, but their will release the compatible version on the day of the OS release.
  12. So it's like Vitality system from Live. Will there be a free recharge pots too? Like Vitality Tonic you get from clan missions? Slow recharge in the peace zones, daily/weekly reset? Etc?
  13. I saw few people talking about Sayha *something*... What is it?
  14. Win 11 is not officially out yet, don't expect any support for that OS.
  15. Which class does the crafting on Essence? Maestro? Then i will play as Maestro.
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