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  1. On the description for the Gem Energy item?
  2. That's normal... if you look correctly, you will notice that all your stats are droping by 6 numbers. That's because you are trying to enchant the Dragon Rind Leather Shirt you're currently wearing. During the enchant process the shirt is automaticaly unequipped/equipped.
  3. I've noticed a problem with the compatibility between the game and the new W11... The game just closes randomly, without the usual error reporting tool, that usually opens. Here is the info from the event viewer: As you can see, the KERNELBASE.dll or KERNEL32.DLL are failing...
  4. We asked the Devs many times about this... their answer was always "Working as intended"
  5. The Mentor system i mean, from lvl 1 to 105 a mentor can give you mentoring benefits. Buffs, items and he gets coins.
  6. With mentor you can have buffs until 105.
  7. Lineage II Community discord have a section about legacy site, where Malvander is maintain it.
  8. Dawe

    Memory Leak

    The Game completely drains all the available RAM over night.....
  9. L2 Store boxes and Castilla i guess.... but dont worry they wil remove these roses from Castilla soon.
  10. Having Prestige Rune transferable across all chars on the same account, that would be nice...
  11. Yep, its the same like standing on the edge of the cliff, and there is this piston wall pushing you toward the abyss.
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