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  1. This game is not "Play for Free" and never was!! Play this game like in the old days.. with subscription (https://www.lineage2.com/shop/prestige). That Blessed Exalted set is great... worth the money imho. Isn't the Olympiad Belt (PvE Attack) better??
  2. Blessed Eternal Leather Helmet: 16,719 R-Crystals 27 Gemstones 125 Crystal of Protection 108,868,794 Adena Blessed Eternal Leather Armor: 44,584 R-Crystals 73 Gemstones 334 Crystal of Protection 290,316,784 Adena Blessed Eternal Leather Leggings: 27,865 R-Crystals 45 Gemstones 209 Crystal of Protection 181,447,990 Adena I failed to enchant my Blessed Eternal Leather Boots from +5 to +6, and i don't have Blessed Eternal Leather Gloves.
  3. The sad thing is, we don't have the PvE content either.
  4. Oh God, another one that thinks that this game is about PvP...
  5. it was always like that
  6. We got reward tables fromJapan for the Dragon Slayer promo.
  7. What i would have said, if i would be a Producer/Community manager? Sorry folks, the Japan event reward list got into our build coincidentally. We are going through a few options together with the Dev team, to recrify the issue, the best we can atm. More info in a few hours.... sorry for the inconvenience
  8. They will never fix anything if the solution to fix is dumb, or against their mentality/game design.
  9. It's ok, i just wanted to know if that's colliding with my solution for this issue (thankfully it does not )
  10. So people just stand there, and not 1-shot enemy CC Leader?
  11. Can you elaborate? Another thing, if you're dead can you talk with the npc, or press the link on the opened npc window?
  12. I have a question... Why do you need a PvP zone at dragons? And yes, the game is just AFK and boring.
  13. If you just do Crisis, Storm, PI.... maybe Daily/IT day after day, after day and after day, after day... why should you invest your money/time?
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