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  1. On Naia, people are selling that item for 20+ Billion Adena.
  2. That's noble of you that you want better items in promos, but your wishes will not be heard.
  3. If you wonder why there are a crappy items... So what? There always be some dude who buys sh*tload of those tickets anyway.
  4. Online

    I think he meant "Where i can see the server online status?"
  5. Throne of Heroes

    Our clan participated in the Throne of Heroes, we are listed in the list, but we can't take the reward. According to the wiki, we can be rewarded if we are listed in the ranking list. But Orin says that he gives the reward only to the clan in the 1 ranking. https://l2wiki.com/Clan_-_Throne_of_Heroes
  6. https://www.lineage2.com/news click in the General tab, and you will find the "Read the patch notes for the Fafurion update" topic there.
  7. Attendance Check Not Working

    The event is over, that's why the window doesn't work, in the nearest maintenance the window should disappear.
  8. Computer Problem

    Is this notebook?
  9. Newbie here

    You dont need S-Grade... keep the R-grade that the NPC gave you. There will be another q. in BS for 1,000 QI and lvl 100.

    I think BOT means the pack of 7 Wynns running as one.
  11. AP and Weapon question

    Does M. Crit. Dmg increase heal ammount?
  12. Test of Dragon Pouches

    Why there is the Energy of Destruction pack, when that item will be deleted in 2 weeks? This is trash item anyway...
  13. AP help

    I am using this one: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/1364-element-and-abilities-for-healer/?do=findComment&comment=10276
  14. Bot Report Button

    That button will be deleted in the next update