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  1. You didn't understood my suggestion.
  2. Why is that npc needed when you can click restart instead? Since you deleted Yul's Polishing skills and related items, can you delete Infinite Quivers too? Wow, that bug is old as *********** Im really suprised that they even noticed it.
  3. Does this new logic apply also for the scenario, that when the attacked player's name was in red status?? (at the time of being attacked)
  4. Daily Coins

    We are confused the same way as you are...
  5. Paulina's R-grade Equipment Set

    Weapon / Armor set is a reward from the first Exalted quest (killing 40.000 mobs) from Lionel Hunter in Heine.
  6. Paulina's R-grade Equipment Set

    What about to go in party so you could start the exalted q. series, for armor and weapon? Also i see that you are wearing a Paulina Bracelet, how??... if you couldnt get the paulina equipment in the first place?
  7. Timed Instance recharge stones

    If this is a bug, what is the "Daily missions reset via Dimm. server" ?.... Also bug? I ask, because i thought that this is a feature, that i found out long time ago.
  8. I usually see the player skills first, so its easy for me to see if the room is free or not.
  9. MENTEE FOSTERING (clan quest)

    Clan Quest -> Event section -> Mentee Development
  10. patack/mskillcrit damage?

    Was that an oly ring? https://l2wiki.com/Hero's_Ring
  11. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    I've noticed that the melee attack lag is not present on the Dimensional Server, i found it interesting.
  12. They are cheaper? As far as i know, they need the same mats to be crafted.
  13. Luxury Shop

    All the "Sealed" items, were deleted, so that applies to the boots / gloves... i guess.
  14. Aden Treasure chest drops

    https://l2wiki.com/Aden_Treasure_Chest#Open Box
  15. In the patch notes is this note: Sadly, this is not the case, the Clan Reputation Points are not changed