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  1. Dawe

    Bow Strike

    Recoil Shot have the same issue.
  2. Can you send a photo? I dont believe it
  3. Dawe

    Bow Strike

    According to the latest change i've read on the patch notes, this skill should be Confusion (Knock Down) type, but if i use it, and it lands... it have no effect.
  4. https://www.lineage2.com/news/orianas-lucky-draw-march
  5. https://kr.ncsoft.com/kr/ir/contact.do
  6. What i want to say is : "That it was never about the promo store items" and everything associated with it.... Well except the "Buy it more" part.
  7. I'm wondering when you'll finally realize, that all of this is working as intended. How long do i have to wait??
  8. Because they assume that you disconnected on purpose.
  9. The event window will gray out, and you will see a yellow announcement about the winner in the chat.
  10. The server announcement will go out if a winner has been selected. Check that link again.
  11. Each hour, Oriana tries to take a draw 5x times, for the selected item. There is no guarantee, that it will pick the player. It doest matter if theres someone participating in the loterry.
  12. Yes, if theres a winner, all participants will get coins. But someone has to win first.
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