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  1. There's a english description of the item needed for Armor/Weapon upgrade. Thx Nuky for posting this.
  2. Can't start the game.

    There was an Emergency maintenance recently, the servers were down.
  3. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Here Juji says, that you can get the Blessed Enchant Scrolls for the bracelet also from those bosses.
  4. [News] Golden Compass Event

    With my +4 Amaranthine weapon, +4 Eternal set, and no L2 Store crutches... I am definitely locked out from this event
  5. I just ... copy this,... and keep it somewhere safe.
  6. transfer a character...

    No, you can only transfer your character between the servers.
  7. Finally !

    Now, in any case you can't log out!
  8. VIP lv. 4 = you can use 3 boxes. VIP lv. 3 = you can use 2 boxes. VIP lv. 2 = you can use 1 box. You want box? You have to pay for it.
  9. CHat Question

    I have to correct myself, the "Use System Message Window" just hides that System Window. In order to show the messages you want, you have to also check the "Standard System Message" checkbox in the Options ->Chat Channel for the chat window. ( Options ->Chat Common for the System window)
  10. CHat Question

    If you want to show these messages in the Chat Window and not in the separate System Window, uncheck the "Use System Message Window" in the Options ->Chat Common. (Shift+Alt+O)
  11. CHat Question

    This should be automatic.
  12. Is this a joke with me? reported buff?

    Hmm, i just read the patch notes for Classic, and there's stated that if you get reported 3x times a CAPTCHA UI Window should appear. // But after reading some other reports, it seems that window is bugged and does not appear.
  13. Is this a joke with me? reported buff?

    The Reported buff you got because you are in the Classic version of the game, where is active the CAPTCHA system, and someone ingame just reported you.
  14. Bought Ncoins but struggling in the store

    With the gift button you can buy something from the store and send it to someone else (that's why you need to write the name of the recipient and some message) Those items are not in the store all the time. They appear during a certain L2 Store Promotion. No idea.
  15. Those symbols are so called Token Actions (You can found then in your Action Window (Alt+C)). They are used to assign themselves on the selected target and after that they can be used to re-target the assigned target. On the picture above, a player who sees those tokens that are assigned on those enemy players now can target them without the need to manually mouseover and click them.