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  1. Skill Enchants

    I guess you have to test on your own, on mobs or NPCs, or try to find a test that covers that. YGS 104, 62 DEX.
  2. MP consume fast

    Some places (mostly beginner ones) have HUGE MP regen.
  3. Yull guide from nova

    I will remain disappointed.
  4. Skill Enchants

    I have low Skill Critical Rate, i have only 56 or 57 DEX and no Skill Crit. Rate items i think... so i will stay with focus. These guys calculated with the 60% Skill Critical Rate, and got only 52% chance to double crit, so... I have no idea how big is your Skill Critical Rate, but you have 77 DEX which is great, ... you have higher rate than me for sure The higher your Skill Crit Rate is, the better it is for you to switch from Focus to Break.
  5. 300 players is around the 1/3 of all the server playerbase, so it's not that bad.
  6. The Last Dimm. Raid the port NPCs spawned, bosses also, the Bosses lvl was 110+ tho, i left after we failed to kill the first boss for the first time... came back later, people were back and the first boss gone, but no idea if they were able to kill it or whatever happened.
  7. Lineage 2 Remastered

    I say that again... Fake news.
  8. r99 > Levi chart?

    Too bad that is does't count for a +7 weap
  9. Yull guide from nova

    That's how the PvP looks like these days?
  10. Skill Enchants

    I myself have Focus enchant. But what caught my eye, in the reply posted above, is that the Break +20 (that's the value they tested) will give you 20.7% more dmg... ALWAYS. Also, if you look on the graphs where they tried to compute the average dmg of two consecutive skill casts ... according to their Average Damage graph, the Break enchant route gives more avg. dmg and is not capped. But however, with their example, with Focus you have higher chance (52%) to cast two crits.
  11. Skill Enchants

    I believe this Reply covers the Focus Enchant: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/660107/#post-9168490
  12. need help, problem toggle skil/buff

    According to that video, you are still standing in the Peace Zone... you didn't move at all.
  13. need help, problem toggle skil/buff

    If you wonder now why your skills don't work, that's because you are standing in the Peace zone.
  14. Skill Enchants

    I read some test on Innova, that Break is the best... Where that was .....Oh yes, there: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/660107/
  15. Ninja Adena Nerf

    That is arecording problem