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  1. 2 jewels brooch lvl 5

    It should be, according to the Wiki https://l2wiki.com/La_Vie_En_Rose's_Brooches#How_to_increase_level_of_a_jewel
  2. Failure and its consequences

    I was able to found the correct monsters after a little search.. open your map, and you can find few groups under the "Alligator" word.
  3. quest

    He is probably having problem with the step 8 in the tutorial.
  4. It will be hard so see these visual effects anyway... How many +21~+30 weapons are on Live servers? Not much i guess.
  5. Quest Queen Ant

    Probably because she's dead, and since she is a World Boss, she doesn't respawn so often as the rest of mobs.
  6. They have celebrating the 15th anniversary already, so maybe it is a event weapon glow, not the ordinary one.
  7. Farfurion update EU

    Fafurion in April or June/July... you know NCWest and how they handle updates/maintenances.
  8. Promos Items. Stop this PLEASE

    The NCSOFT Corporation is glad that you give them money for those 48 thousand NCcoins... please continue to do so in years ahead. One day, the elderly in Soul will be happy for you.
  9. Question about a quest.

    You dont see the question mark notification? https://l2wiki.com/Game_Interface#Notifications
  10. And dont forget the Faction window.

    That's Right
  12. Gludio

    Odd, i got my weap without the need to actually pick it up.
  13. 7 Sign

    Deleted when the 7S system was abolished.
  14. What's a Bloody server?

  15. Crash on opening game

    You should hit the Repair button first, in the Launcher.