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  1. Main class change

    Second option: Make new chars, and pay for a service that transfers those L2Store items from the old character to the new one. + optional (Name Change service)
  2. Wolf pet

    Classic server? Wolves have been deleted from the classic servers.
  3. Wolf pet

    Pet Manager Lundy in Gludio.
  4. current chronicles

    Etina End? Otherwise known as Orfen... i think.
  5. There is a 1 hour cooldown for these scrolls.
  6. Player from Europe

    Both servers are located in Texas.
  7. Return Golden Compass Event

    Or you cant w8 for Fafurion update, since the update contains that instance.
  8. My name has changed! SERVE NAIA!!

    You didn't create these characters on the Naia server originally, right? There was a server merge some time ago, and in order to preserve your characters from deletion, they put a number in the nickname indicating the server they came from.
  9. If Hime will correct the numbers to +100% (+200% respectively) would you be quiet?
  10. ayuda con mision

    NPC Kiki in Giran, second "Yellow" link.
  11. corroded gems and armor

    Where is written that you need the old (Corroded) version of the materials?
  12. corroded gems and armor

    According to the quest instructions, you don"t need corroded materials, only the regular ones... Armor Fragment (Low-grade), and Accessory Gem (Low-grade). You can buy these in Giran from the npc Kiki. https://l2wiki.com/An_Obvious_Lie
  13. corroded gems and armor

    What is the quest name?
  14. corroded gems and armor

    From old players that do not play anymore? Else i have no idea why they wouldn't exchange the old mats for the new ones.
  15. Recipe book?

    You will find the Dwarven craft in the Skill Window as "Craft Item" skill.
  16. Problems with SPOIL

    Not a bug
  17. the name of the entry music?

    I tried to found it here, https://mmos.com/music/lineage-2-soundtrack but its no there Anyway, the music file in question is LS14_F.ogg
  18. i need help

    With what exactly?
  19. 2 jewels brooch lvl 5

    It should be, according to the Wiki https://l2wiki.com/La_Vie_En_Rose's_Brooches#How_to_increase_level_of_a_jewel
  20. Failure and its consequences

    I was able to found the correct monsters after a little search.. open your map, and you can find few groups under the "Alligator" word.
  21. quest

    He is probably having problem with the step 8 in the tutorial.
  22. It will be hard so see these visual effects anyway... How many +21~+30 weapons are on Live servers? Not much i guess.
  23. Quest Queen Ant

    Probably because she's dead, and since she is a World Boss, she doesn't respawn so often as the rest of mobs.
  24. They have celebrating the 15th anniversary already, so maybe it is a event weapon glow, not the ordinary one.
  25. Farfurion update EU

    Fafurion in April or June/July... you know NCWest and how they handle updates/maintenances.