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    I guess devs in 2003 didn't count with what is happening here now.
  2. Macro issue

    Cursed Sword hitted you.
  3. Quest awakening fail

    More details please!
  4. So, while doing this quest, i should use the Teleport Device in Dark Elf Village. And when i clicked on the Quest -> Check the Teleport list, it showed me the old list of locations, not the new window.
  5. So i had these Books in WH, and i wanted to use them on my Sub/Dualclass (Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Manuscript), Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Version)) But it seems that those books are not needed anymore... I am right? What to do with those Books now?
  6. Ertheia dualclass quest/change

    I also had 0 SP when i created(registered) new subclass, but the mobs on Windy hill gave me the SP i needed.
  7. Cursed Sword System Rewamp

    I had few adjustments in my head for the system so even working people had a chance to attend, but i realized that NC will not implement it no matter what... But due to increasing demand for a system change, i maybe write my thoughts down...
  8. So, the new Cursed Sword System looked nice and to be a fun thing to do... at first.... But then i realized it will be useless for most people The adena reward is nice, very nice, but (i think) as most people i can't attend the event... because i have a job, people. So i can't stay online till 1:00 AM (My timezone) to get a reward. (not to mention to have the sword untill then) Friday or Saturday is fine, but sadly, the event runs only from Monday to Thursday And therefore even the attempts to get the sword, or killing people is a waste of time in the end. Question: Is there anyone at all who will have time to stay ingame for that long? Raise the hand, don't be shy
  9. Sword Zariche

    If you are killed by the owner of the Cursed Sword, the Prison of Souls and Scar of Soul skills are applied. The Scar of Soul lasts for 2 minutes 10 seconds. The Scar of Soul disappears after the duration even if the Prison of Souls is removed within 2 minutes. Skill Name Skill Description Prison of Souls - Zariche/ Prison of Souls - Akamanah The body has been temporarily sealed after being struck by Demonic Sword Zariche (Blood Sword Akamanah). You will be returned to the nearest town unless you destroy the Prison of Souls (Limit Barrier) within 2 minutes. The character cannot be moved. Scar of Soul - Zariche/ Scar of Soul - Akamanah The soul of the sword is incarnated and gives fixed damage.
  10. Question about Vitality

    Except the vitality items, vitality is replenished every Wednesday at 6:30 AM Server time.
  11. +6 and above, read the patch notes again.
  12. Chaos Pomader (dual class)

    odd, i got those pomanders.
  13. If you have Automatic use of Shots on, and they will run out, (for example pet shots) the systems keeps telling that information non-stop, flooding the system message window in the process. (the annoying "cancel" sound runs non-stop also)
  14. So i learned this skill on my subclass, and noticed that i can't see it when i use it. I should see "floating feather" around my head, but i see nothing.
  15. Various Typos

    Reliquary of the Giants is listed as Tomb of Souls in the Teleport List.
  16. Various Typos

    During the "How Lavasauruses Are Made" quest, once you've acquired the necessary fragments and you're about to select your reward, the link to the Totem of Spirit is listed as "Totem of Body" on the Totem of Body page. https://imgur.com/pLaYVoX
  17. Armor and weapon s/r

    If you already have subclass, you have to reset it first, or create a new one, to get Paulina. For mentoring, you have to finish lvl 86.
  18. if you already have subclass, you have to reset it first, or create a new one, to get Paulina.
  19. When i select to search R110 grade items in AH, the system will list No-grade items instead.
  20. Kekropus Letters have been deleted, visit Tarti in Gludio instead.
  21. Using the ingame Shaders (Glow Effect A/B,HDR Rendering A,B,C) without the use of Out Focusing Effects results in the game viewport being to dark. The HDR Rendering A is the worst.
  22. I do not understand anything

    Open the map -> World Info -> Quest Info, there you should see quests related to you. You will get paulina after you get lvl 40(20) and finish your Second Class transfer(1st Libaration). It looks like it, yes. On the Quest Info you can also click on the "All Quest" button to see all the quests ingame.
  23. I also use Imgur, but you don't need to register, atleast i didn't have to. The first one opens here, because you posted the that picture directly. Yeah, the quality is bad, these pics looks like they use only 8 bit color. But they are GIFs, so that's probably why,... please don't use GIFs
  24. The New Quest Info tab, that shows recomended quests for my character, shows these quests: "Changed Spirits" and "Check Out the Situation" before and after i finished the "I Want to Join the Investigators" quest respectively. However, i can't take these quests on my subclass, (i believe they are available for main class only) therefore they shouldn't be listed as recomended for my character.
  25. What is wrong with the screenshot?