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    That's Right
  2. Gludio

    Odd, i got my weap without the need to actually pick it up.
  3. 7 Sign

    Deleted when the 7S system was abolished.
  4. What's a Bloody server?

  5. Crash on opening game

    You should hit the Repair button first, in the Launcher.
  6. black character

    Try to look on the GPU manufacturer site for the new GPU driver version, or try to re-install the one you have right now.
  7. black character

    Ehm...Bad GPU Drivers?
  8. Prelude to War

    Amazing how they can destroy they own past/lore.
  9. Prelude to War

    No way....
  10. Warder

    If you want to be mage... you can keep your male character, only if you want to be Archer, you have to make new one.
  11. Wondrous Cubic. Worth it?

    sometimes you get cubic for EAR thats cheaper, or item for dyes.
  12. Warder

    Only female Kamael can be Warder.
  13. Rudolph

    Lineage II New Holiday Items Descriptions Agathion Charm - Rudolph Charm that summons a cute Rudolph Agathion. Does not have buffs or skills. This is not the Rudolph, we all know... but a cheap imitation.
  14. Language filter

    The game would have to support multiple languages in same client, each one with its own Obscene-x.dat file.
  15. Prelude to War

    They reworked the Cursed Sword system in a wierd way.
  16. Ty for keeping the Free Teleports.
  17. No wars Clan level 11 CH Aden Active mostly in the evening We are looking for active players, everybody really, contact Manik, Izachiel, Arrovv ingame.
  18. Dark Omens and Little Wings quest.

    Only one Necropolis (The Disciples Necropolis) and one Catacomb (Catacomb of Dark Omens) are accessible right now. In order to give access to the RBs Anakim and Lilith respectively. If they are not spawned, you cannot port there.
  19. Dark Omens and Little Wings quest.

    Obtain a Wolf Pet (Pet Manager Lundy) - Wolf Help the Son! (Pet Manager Lundy) - Baby Kookaburra Help the Sister! (Pet Manager Cooper) - Cougar Help the Uncle! (Pet Manager Waters) - Buffalo Also once you awaken you get a horse and from factions you can obtain various mounts.
  20. About time...

    Tell that xxxxx to ask any psychologist how the gambling actually works.
  21. Naia or Chronos, new player

    Naia is GMT +1
  22. https://www.lineage2.com/uploads/lineage2/articles/pdf/L2 Salvation - Etina's Fate Patch Notes.pdf
  23. November 2018 Preview

    I miss the old Santa... You were exping outside, suddenly Santa appeared close to you, he wished you Merry Christmas, gave you a gift and left. It was magical! Santa these days would appeared near you with a shotgun, yelled at you "Give me your Money" and after you would, he leaves. It's a robbery. #Santa = Gangsta
  24. BTW... you can't compare skill with wallet.