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  1. Ok no problem as long as they do not resolve canceled prestige subscriptions, pay not to use and stupidity. No offending anyone.
  2. Once again great work from our developers, less npcs for hunting, again queue to play, less of all the time, we only serve you when the question is money? Everywhere else in the world that plays this chronicle has normal looting only NC reduces everything for players. Great team and great work.
  3. No more releasing the client limit per PC? They will continue to favor everyone who buys the adrenaline bot by cheating the game client.
  4. I player for 6 yeras and never they banned boots, NEVER.
  5. O limite de fila será aumentado para permitir que mais jogadores tenham confirmado a estabilidade do servidor. Another mistake that will cause more outrage to players
  6. After so many complaints did you still insist on keeping a log queue? Didn't realize that the players are not satisfied with it? Or do they only matter to us when it comes to selling items?
  7. Really? 1:30 to log in? will it be that? put at least vip login since the interest is commercial.
  8. Nice work, now we have to go through a line to be able to play, how about selling back monthly to play?
  9. A great idea to remove the automatic hunting, now the bot programs have reigned, increasingly surprises me the decisions of the devs.
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