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  1. Rest in peace friend, you will not be forgotten
  2. Trade Scams in Giran town

    For find this scam its very easly for gms, just walk in giran and find the chars ho send trade for no reason, Find the chars, Find the itens, Find the scamer Find the ip number Ban then all help the players ho play honestly and for fun. help us ncsoft

    can you guys answer this questions please Wen the redlibra event will end? Wen the event end, the 15 days weapons continue active? If someone buy many weapon boxes (15 days +10 weapons) will continue work after the event ends?
  4. To me its clear like a cristal one small company sayng in all tonws they sell adena... its for all eyes see it... the impossible up in ruins of agony with absolutly ALL SPOTS taking by elven summoners bots... so many topics of players sayng the absolutly same thing... or the gms dont play the game or just dont care... 1+1 equals?
  5. Unpopular Opinion

    If a gm just see ruins of agony 3 times of day and ban the bots, its just easy, funcional and solve the problem. but i think i will not say nothing here anymore because of course the guys know the problem, they just dont care