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  1. Is Gladiator good/bad?

    I noticed alot people playing the Tyrant. So...is the glad too bad?
  2. German Clan on Talkings Island recruiting

    Hi...so what is class, your toon and clan?
  3. Set +6 how much parts from the set?

    Hi. I am using this set. 1. Mithril Breastplate +3 (D) 2. Helmet (D) 3. Mithril Gaiters (D) 4. Hoplon (D) So, if I use the enchanted to Mithril Breastplate +3 to +6, then I get a bonus? (eg. +6 Set Effect: Max HP +360, HP Recovery Bonus +10 when standing / sitting, MP Recovery Bonus +4 when standing / sitting) Or Should I use the enchanted to the Helmet? (eg. from 0 ~ 3) Then add the Helmet +3 and Mithril Breastplate +3, equal to bonus?
  4. Any english active clans here? Its quiet.

    Sigh....is it dead game? I played from 05 Oct~ now and, no clan,only 1~3 friendly. Is it a all using bots? I feel is a dead server.
  5. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    If it's not helping for NCsoft then hooray new game! I'm so lucky I didn't buy from VIP.
  6. Is It Worth Rushing EXP Scrolls?

    It very easy to level up. But you need gears. Eg. weapon/armor/accessory. The only you need, VIP? or slow grinding (playing slow mobs and maybe getting the loot.) For VIP, you need to pay NCsoft service.
  7. PVE

    Hi, what is "GK"?