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  1. Which one is better?

    Thanks . I have to try using light armor.
  2. Which one is better?

    I am playing a Elemental Summoner (lvl46) and 2 healer. I am wondering, which one is better for this? 1) Light Armor Mastery or 2) Robe Mastery Usually I am using robe.
  3. Where to level up?

    Thanks alot. I went a peek.
  4. Where to level up?

    I have 3 toons. 1 tank and 2 healer. (lvl49~50). Currently I am playing Cruma Tower. So where to play it to level up? BTW, I am not looking solo.
  5. Boxing

    I use 3 account. 1 MSN (Outloot), 1 Yahoo and 1 Gmail. All using 1 lapton. And have to customize alot.
  6. Giran - crashing today?

    Damn...crash 2 time!!
  7. Aden and Gludio merge

    That is why I played everyday solo. It is a good think I macro all my 2 healer.
  8. Is Gladiator good/bad?

    I noticed alot people playing the Tyrant. So...is the glad too bad?
  9. Hi, what is the clan?
  10. German Clan on Talkings Island recruiting

    Hi...so what is class, your toon and clan?
  11. Set +6 how much parts from the set?

    Hi. I am using this set. 1. Mithril Breastplate +3 (D) 2. Helmet (D) 3. Mithril Gaiters (D) 4. Hoplon (D) So, if I use the enchanted to Mithril Breastplate +3 to +6, then I get a bonus? (eg. +6 Set Effect: Max HP +360, HP Recovery Bonus +10 when standing / sitting, MP Recovery Bonus +4 when standing / sitting) Or Should I use the enchanted to the Helmet? (eg. from 0 ~ 3) Then add the Helmet +3 and Mithril Breastplate +3, equal to bonus?
  12. Any english active clans here? Its quiet.

    Sigh....is it dead game? I played from 05 Oct~ now and, no clan,only 1~3 friendly. Is it a all using bots? I feel is a dead server.
  13. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    If it's not helping for NCsoft then hooray new game! I'm so lucky I didn't buy from VIP.
  14. Is It Worth Rushing EXP Scrolls?

    It very easy to level up. But you need gears. Eg. weapon/armor/accessory. The only you need, VIP? or slow grinding (playing slow mobs and maybe getting the loot.) For VIP, you need to pay NCsoft service.
  15. PVE

    Hi, what is "GK"?