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  1. L2 Classic How To Outo Farming With Necro/Spellhowler Mages Watch for learn guys GL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjSzvRO6mYg
  2. Hi, I am finding for this. Pls help. Thanks..
  3. Hi, is the anybody know how to use macro for auto healing?
  4. Macro DD-Support

    Hi, is the anybody know how to use macro for auto healing?
  5. Warlock help.

    Because...Elemental Master can train the mobs. Therefore, it is getting for $$$. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Qo5Hkw-SE&t=41s
  6. Overlord AOE

    Nice! I guess you have seen to my...2009 a go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Qo5Hkw-SE I wonder if the is someone, Warlord. It is interesting if which class can compete for PvE. 1) Overlord 2) Elemental Master 3) Warlord
  7. Insane lags

    I played a few time and it is lagging.
  8. Agation - L2 Store

  9. urgent doubt

    get 1 EM, 1 Prophet & Shillien Oracle.
  10. Which one is better?

    Thanks . I have to try using light armor.
  11. Which one is better?

    I am playing a Elemental Summoner (lvl46) and 2 healer. I am wondering, which one is better for this? 1) Light Armor Mastery or 2) Robe Mastery Usually I am using robe.
  12. Where to level up?

    Thanks alot. I went a peek.
  13. Where to level up?

    I have 3 toons. 1 tank and 2 healer. (lvl49~50). Currently I am playing Cruma Tower. So where to play it to level up? BTW, I am not looking solo.
  14. Boxing

    I use 3 account. 1 MSN (Outloot), 1 Yahoo and 1 Gmail. All using 1 lapton. And have to customize alot.
  15. Giran - crashing today?

    Damn...crash 2 time!!