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  1. https://www.lineage2.com/news/zodiac-agathion = I’m going to explain why I wanted to go back with the agathion’s ... because now it has new agathion bracelets and I for example have an Envolved agathion Cancer stage 1… today if I transform it into the new bracelet I would be without his skill… If you put those agathions that give the active skill to sell again I could buy a new cancer and put stage 12 again and it can be equipped in the new super advance seed bracelet stage 1 bracelet that today my Envolved unfortunately does not equip in it ... and i think i shouldn't be the only one with this problem ... many playes also have old Agathions involved and would like you to sell those agathions again ... the charms that give passive and active skill. https://www.lineage2.com/news/golden-compass-event =now about Lucien's Bracelet Event I would like you to come back with him because in the last event I managed to leave my only +6 and he can go up to +10 ... at the time I was without adena in the game to be able to leave +10 besides that I made few marks because I played ISS ... please come back with this event or think with affection about leaving this fixed NPC then in gludim ... for the opportunity of those who like me have not finished their bracelet +10 to make it. Please think carefully ... I'm not asking for anything too much and it will benefit many players just like me who want these items. thanks . --> I sent a ticket in suggestions and the gm simply answered me saying that I have to post on the forum ... I don't understand why there is this option in the tiket if it doesn't work.