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  1. Revelation Skills (Savage)

    maybe tooltip bug, or there is just no "lvl 2" skill icon in game... cuz this is longer but they are lvl 2 when u have that skill, this i can say.
  2. Elixir of Blessing

    i had the recipe learned in my craftlist and its gone too. guess not only recipe from npc are gone, also all learned reciped got removed.. so no1 have it till update or other sh*t
  3. i also thought it need to be in a farming Zone... anyway, here is my
  4. Noob questions

    that's the real Lineage ii Definition !! XDD <3
  5. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    some1 said in a post that all Server are hosted from same Server, cuz all have same ip when log in... why u dont get another Server and split live and classic instead a not rly usefull yeah… Server upgrade
  6. Prestige Pack

    hi, i would suggest to add the Prestige Pack into the Store for like.. 1200NCoin (or lower, like special offer :P) for 30days, cuz not all of us have a credit card and i would rly like to test it without any complication (buy a paysafecard, enter code, choose Presitge Pack, boom done..) plz any staff can answer. thx in advance!
  7. Prestige Pack

    and ofc make it giftable plz