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  1. Hey bro , dont create for main any support ( only if you have already a team that he will boost you. Dont bother to do mage , atm you will spend so much time and money only for understand at the end that fighters can do it better,. You cant play solo( only if you mean you gona play solo with 10 box support's. Go for Titan best pve atm Tyrants ,doombringer ,gladiator and warlord are also very good on pve, top pvp depending on how much you spend on p2w items. Also if you dont wana pay rlm for items and events etc etc dont bother
  2. I don't think they care i am not sure if they knew what event was , @Jujiand @Hime are more like Instagram models for this event , they enter in game they gave some crappy buffs and got selfie photos with bots, all good,
  3. Either is a kamael with less skills and some different skills that normal kamael
  4. Men every anniversary they put out some unique event lol
  5. On anniversary events they give items likt talisman of baium an valakas necklace + a p2w event
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen soon 17th anniversary of lineage2 will be on us and i believe it will be good to give some information about the upcoming event ???? @Juji @Hime what do you say guys? Is that hard?
  7. In illegal servers they aren't ppl who spends 5-10k usd either professional farmers that's why ppl dont bother for more clients, here there is a 10 client per pc rule and there are ppl who have more than 100 accounts in one pc active
  8. @Juji hello good sir when we can have the new cloaks event?
  9. Hello bro best place for XP at your level is alla attribute zones till 76 on lower levels after that on big one's, and Cruma 2n best XP and Adena drop if you are lucky and find a spot
  10. Well I see again you did nothing for daggers and other fighter's , and I pretty sure that in toi (at least in Giran server) only spree and Eddie will be able to farm there And ffs give some love to daggers..
  11. Yeah never to late it depends only where you want to spending your RL money, you have 2 and a half options 1 is the obviously to spend a bunch of and time to bot programs like the most ppl do the other is just buy everything from someone else and the half is you still buy everything and you try to keep up in with all new p2w events of NC west also VIP 10 will help you a lot
  12. No ty , next stop. After this server is some other title with much better graphics and no p2w system, ty @Juji For all the close to zero effort to fix the server.
  13. @Juji Hey there hust wana ask do you even consider to make and fix in the server? I came 1st at olympiad games and i am not hero Cuz someone have played more games 1025 poins vs 1019 points. Adn there is all this time the problem with Attribute Dammage to WC/OL and nothing changing you only say is a know issue.... Are you change something or what?
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