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  1. Karnival

    LF CP

    looking for a CP server time 0800- 1300 for dailys and hunting after that every night ,reasonably well geared , titan 112/ yul110, can run prestige rune i prefer to play, also have a few boxes my preffered time is 1830-2300 gmt+8 . only respond if enquiring not thread jacking pm same name in game chronos server
  2. more than 10 times each reward options
  3. so with this being said and the above people indicating they were already exalted prior to war of winter and additionally were rewarded the dragon shirt box ( physical/ magical) perhaps could i get @Juji to look into this as to why its only me and why after 6 tickets i am still being denied a server wide reward?
  4. not confused, i put 6 tickets in and being told i cant get the reward due to being exalted already and rewarded previously, yet from the people indicating on the post they too were rewarded and they also get the physical/ magical box ...
  5. iam aware of this , its not what i asked, so u are saying u were exalted 2 or 3 prior to war of winter and u received the dragon shirt?
  6. Firstly please only respond to this thread if u were exalted level 2 ,3, completed prior to winter of war patch ( 11 january 2020) i think i was exalted 3 approx 4 years ago part of the new patch 2nd exalted accomplishment reward (physical) (magical) which contains a dragon shirt . i am trying to confirm if people exalted 2 or 3 prior to this patch missed out or received this dragon shirt box please if your a new created toon i dont need your response only prior to winter war patch and exalted 2 or 3 completed already i really appreciate your time and rep
  7. why after multiple weeks of lets say (blue chatters) expoiting these features in games when eula states they must report exploit as soon they find it not get the punishment , I will say there are repeat serial exploiters doing this on every time they find an exploit rather than report it... ncoin purchases make these players exempt? isnt it time management follow the rules they make , than make excuses and just patch it from being used by rest of server .. tell me how many were banned permanently from exploits they didn't report .. I am guessing ZERO or 1 week after multiple cha
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