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  1. unless your ncwest pet... u find out like the rest of us... 1 min before 8 hrs maintenance ... so yeah no heads up for the majority
  2. a few years ago Factions from clan was removed and indicated they were upgrading them to return at some point any info on this @Juji @Hime its been a while and it was an easy way for members of a clan to get boosts vs certain mobs doing said faction as well as getting clans more rep clan missions limit seems also out of date as limit max 20 can be achieved 2 days after reset then have to wait next maintainance alot toons can kill 800 mobs their level quiet fast maybe add a vitality reward for n coin purchases in clan missions skill enchanting codex are ar
  3. each day in sel mahum i get randomly 25-40 aden chests and 450-850 of basic craft mats (16-18 hrs in auto hunt) 112 yul soloing with drop runes etc out of all those aden chests per day ill get 3-5 zodiac cube frags occasional 1 per week selenite and rest 70k adena, in a week to a month i might get 1 r 99 item out of chest its very random and this is solo with drop rune and i kill at a very good rate . i also mentioned in previous post when we went herald of light patch about FOC chest reward changes and juji wasnt aware ... prior to herald of light in FOC i was getting 1 book
  4. I reckon just remove it, its exploited by same handful of people over and over , the rich get richer and RMT the bloods anyway ... or like i suggested in favorite raid bosses bring back an enhanced Gorden that 120's cant kill in 1 sec and it spawns same time swords drop in oren chest zone with its sole purpose to hunt down sword weilders and any in oren chest zone not attacking the chests take on raid aggro also time to bring back some fun on this server and reduce exploitation mechanics @Juji @Hime add to poll bring back enhanced Gordon
  5. Gordon takes no BS from the swords ... you guys should implement a new version of him and those not attacking chests out of oren should take massive damage helping defend chest / sword weilders and perma xp loss and once swords fall to the abyss Gordon turns on ALL for a bloody masacre
  6. Heres an idea that might be worth looking into and it could potentially help level up gear for lower levels and maintain server population and resemble some sort of balance to game and not divide community after Farming PI for scrolls 1 hr teleport you into a spawned NPC zone that allows u to trade once per 24 hours 1 of each scroll type for a crystal of dawn non tradeable that also can be traded only at npc as a item for either 12 non tradeable crystals for an upgrade token level 1 or 48 non tradeable crystals token level 2 there are so many exalted NO GRADE items th
  7. There was ever only ever classes prior to G.O.D. afterwards they were templates … and the best classes in my Opinion belonged to to GOD of FIRE Grand Kebab low hit points …. bison ….. zealot Titan low hit points … frenzy … zealot PURE SUPER MASSIVE DAMAGE FOR FREE ….. and a Barrel load of fun to boot fast forward to F2P & Beyond nowadays … massive damage = max credit card can you remember what class I was
  8. Anthy: (gruffly) FFS the whole of Aden and u come to my PC hunting spot , you know it spawns the minimal amount in the game right? There goes my experience , NO KSing Baium : (innocently) I wasn't , I'm tired of getting the BLOOD-STAINED clothes ripped from me , I came here I needed a wash Orfen: Its vacation time and the pair of you don't have 50 nagging children, " saying we are bored " so I came here to hide Anthy : Shall we fight for it? Bauim : Sure … Rocks , Scissors , Paper ? Anthy : of course Orfen : (fac
  9. Hello community since Herald of light patch has been applied I have noticed in field of Crysis the following ... in 108 area ( not confirmed 112 area) 1/ the volume of supply items greatly changes from day to day regardless of same buffs/ macro being used ( somedays 58 other days 100 , and randomly in between ) wasn't as extreme pre herald of light ( 85-100) 2/ more importantly the rewards of said elite water dragon army supply items ... prior to herald of light patch every second day i would get a forgotten book or a jewellery aug stone and 3-5 scro
  10. @Juji @LIME @Hime STOP lying to us there is no way OVERSEAS development team requested IOS adena adjustment... ITS the OTHER way round... you are the guys that asked for it or JUST implemented it , hindering our progress and what little enjoyment most of have left in these last 15 pathetic patches is nerf after nerf > show us examples where NCWEST pushed for benefits for our server region where u PUT us GUYS FIRST as loyal paying guests or loyal playing guests . RUN a POLL on this and see who on server remembers when u did something for us that wasnt money orientated o
  11. - first thing i noticed as a fairly well geared character ( above average) was the additional adena in IOS however it seems adena buff isnt triggered as often even tho u can wipe 3 circle spawns, still in the 110 area but now if i fail to use additional boosts i gain from kastila i can actually die whereas 1 week ago i could survive if buffs fell off and had no buffs on - same thing applies in PI if not fully buffed and additional boosts not used mobs will kill you , coupled with a fading melee lag hotfix , additionally as per others mention scrolls dont drop with prest
  12. Bump @Juji @Hime @LIME could i please get this tested to see if its working as skills description , ty
  13. need a few titan to check this skill use please with normal attacks skill states- for 60 sec p/attack increases 35% with 2h sword/blunt , additionally attacks 6 targets at once with normal attack well i have hp bars up on mobs and the main target i am focused on does die fast and sure p/attack does increase compared when its not on, but i have not seen any other mobs surrounding me take damage (on their hp bar indicators when using normal attacks) sure i see it with sonic star and eruption but i not see any other mobs front/back/side near or far from my normal attack 2h arc
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