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  1. @Juji @Hime and whoever is actually representing this gaming community , this server has international gaming players why on earth u put a static time window on this steel guild event or any other future event like this , none use their brains in ncwest? yeah sure the cheaters will still acess it not at keyboard but for the fair players why not make it 100% fair to all in my case its 4am a non static random time window opening is alot fairer and 100% all legit players would agree , as it is u have to be the lucky one to click fast enough but it seem u make it 2 x harder to obtain on cer
  2. yep nice to increase your 220 posts but where it say on items ... it doesnt regardless if it was last year or not there should be some information to guide your decission to purchase based on facts ,someone starting this year wont know that , the items is poorly described and there are hundreds of players never owned a gem5+ and recently gained a event 5 brooch
  3. @Juji @Hime .... cant see anywhere where on event item ruby/redcat 10 (prolly other items also )saying it wont contribute towards brooch battle rapsody or on my brooch saying it can only use non event items so why since i remove greater 5 , brooch br becomes inactive kinda tricking players out of 1b alot low level players rely on brooch br to get thru dailys 105 and people like me get these hoping to get a boost in damage not an offset or different path to damage .... can we please get an answer and ty for event
  4. was same for me on yul after they nerfed pinpoint all halfkill messages ended in damage text critical and o/hit still show just not HK
  5. you almost forgot ... a classical JUJI xp scroll... randomly applies 1-4 levels instantly
  6. @Juji @Hime @LIME @Sunshine I like to say ty for the delayed response you provided to your l2 community... you know the ones that have been here supporting you for upto 17 years great game you played such an excellent way to run a Business ignore your customers and pretend if u don't respond a new post will push it off the page and all will resume normally cant comment for the other players with countless posts that been ignored as well... BUT ZERO respect from me
  7. bump ...@Juji @Hime @Sunshinei am guessing by the replies , no one actually cares about the L2 community or cares to put in any relevant information regarding this topic? so it gets ignored till post vanishes, is thats what your hoping?
  8. @Rodah are u a yul class ? if not then why is this your concern? and other region patch notes are just that ...other regions , no mention in our patch notes just released indicate of a nerf to yuls skill pinpoint or quickshot @Juji @Hime @Sunshine @LIME and any other admin/ community staff that actually would care to respond to your community forum in regarding this issue and others why is it we get patch notes within hours of server going to update and not a few weeks . so ALL the COMMUNITY have a heads up of any changes and can make the according changes in response such
  9. soul collector Archeron ... back in day at those levels is was scary and hard as hell hoping for top D weapons to drop who the hell dreams up these monstrosities 12+ years ago .... twisted
  10. unless your ncwest pet... u find out like the rest of us... 1 min before 8 hrs maintenance ... so yeah no heads up for the majority
  11. a few years ago Factions from clan was removed and indicated they were upgrading them to return at some point any info on this @Juji @Hime its been a while and it was an easy way for members of a clan to get boosts vs certain mobs doing said faction as well as getting clans more rep clan missions limit seems also out of date as limit max 20 can be achieved 2 days after reset then have to wait next maintainance alot toons can kill 800 mobs their level quiet fast maybe add a vitality reward for n coin purchases in clan missions skill enchanting codex are ar
  12. each day in sel mahum i get randomly 25-40 aden chests and 450-850 of basic craft mats (16-18 hrs in auto hunt) 112 yul soloing with drop runes etc out of all those aden chests per day ill get 3-5 zodiac cube frags occasional 1 per week selenite and rest 70k adena, in a week to a month i might get 1 r 99 item out of chest its very random and this is solo with drop rune and i kill at a very good rate . i also mentioned in previous post when we went herald of light patch about FOC chest reward changes and juji wasnt aware ... prior to herald of light in FOC i was getting 1 book
  13. I reckon just remove it, its exploited by same handful of people over and over , the rich get richer and RMT the bloods anyway ... or like i suggested in favorite raid bosses bring back an enhanced Gorden that 120's cant kill in 1 sec and it spawns same time swords drop in oren chest zone with its sole purpose to hunt down sword weilders and any in oren chest zone not attacking the chests take on raid aggro also time to bring back some fun on this server and reduce exploitation mechanics @Juji @Hime add to poll bring back enhanced Gordon
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