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  1. Hello @Juji, Before 4 month you promised to us update back VIP1 of Aden1. We want some explanation or update. Thank you
  2. prusky


    Hello. Dance of vampire & chant of vampire working also for mage and archers? Thanks
  3. prusky


    Contact pruskanka in game (mail me with offers), thx ================ WTB ================ Colections sets: cheap accesories Sages penance Powerful strike Head first memories of ant nest enchant leather equipment common but not so common ITEMS: wizard stockings +4 Priest mace +7 +5 divine tome Mithril scale gailters +4 Mithril tunic +4 Mithril dagger +5 Ketra orc battle axe +5 battle axe wizard tear colichemarde kain vanul bones forgotten boots chavelier rapier crystal dagger needle wolverine shamsir katana knuckle d
  4. I had same issue. And many of my friends also. After restart looks good... @hime I hope admins will check next time also classic... or now ncsoft supported only Aden?
  5. Many of my friends are disconnected and after that is not possible log in back 3h.. Do you prepare some conpensation for us after maintenance window? Thx for teplý
  6. Hello @Hime I must restart my computer, also guys from my clan must restart computers. A few clients go down for unexpected reason. Also CPU go to 100%. After restart everyhing good. This problem we had due to L2 Aden maintenance? Thx Pruskanka
  7. Cz clan lvl 4. CZ/SK players only. pm pruskanka in game
  8. @Hime @Juji Hello. Any update of this? Thanks for respond. pruskanka
  9. Solved. I used anydesk now. Thanks to all Who tried help me.
  10. Phantom Ranger. This will be always my mine.
  11. Contact me in game: pruskanka I will navigate you...
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