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  1. WTB recipe

    Hi I not recieved pls send again
  2. WTB recipe

    Yes please. Mail to: pruskanda
  3. Macro DD-Support

    Please guy share with me how this macro works. Thanks pruskanka in game
  4. Recipes

    this recipes are not in classic. Blacksmith in town Will create this for you.
  5. WB drop

    please share what dropped new WB orfen 85, aq 85, Baium 86, core 85. Thank you
  6. Yep. This Will be fine know what mob drop I also want this..
  7. chronicle heir earing

    I know but still in +10 mdef is still very low...
  8. chronicle heir earing

    Hi guys, chronicle heir earing have very low mdef... is possible enchanting this or combine two identical in same level? Thx!
  9. New player need help with Walhalla sword rune

    Hi, this is easy see this link: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Runes Enjoy pruskanka
  10. I can't find any quest to do

    Open map (shortcut M) > World info > All quests Enjoy pruskanka
  11. Party drop rate

    In one party playing: DD drop rate 200% PP drop rate 50% SE drop rate 50% other DD drop rate 250% BD drop rate 50% SWS drop rate 50% Party is finder keepers so in this party is drop rate? Thanks for answers... Prusky
  12. Recipe high grade suede

    Pls guys where I spoiled high grade suede recipe? Thanks
  13. Attendance Coin

    Hello, where I find Attendance Coin? Thank you. BR, Prusky
  14. L-coins

    And where I find how many l-coins I have?
  15. L-coins

    Hello guys, how I get L-coins. Sorry for question. im new one here... https://l2wiki.com/classic/L-Coin_Store#Limited Offer