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  1. Hello, This is incorrect: Q: in this event low lvl can't get jade lvl 4 because they need 2000 coin to do that...simple math 20 day event 50 a day, how many coins can they get? Answer: 1000! Correct is: Complete Daily Hunting Missions 50 coins Open an L2M Chest 60 coins 50 x 20 + 60 x 20 = 2200 coins And JADE 4 costs 2000 coins.. BR, Prusky
  2. Ncsoft have in every topic some mistake. Last time lizardmen mobs level. Now again is there bad info. Dethrone is for L2 not for classic. Also NCsoft not public winner of spooky event. So probably Ncsoft focused on mobile platform and haven't time for us.
  3. Hi, Where is it written? I cant see here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/halloween-festival-returns#Classic
  4. This event is totally joke... In L2 Aden guys wins White Guardian. Here best reward is Maphr Potion (Event). Why we can't obtained during event also: Pumpkin Ghosts Treasure Chest also? Location Plains of the Lizardman is not location 76+ in L2 Classic.... Thanks for reply Prusky
  5. Hello, No, in classic there is no: Rune, Heine, Schutgart... BR, Prusky
  6. Hello, event is for everyone. I recieved same adena for VIP 2 and VIP 0. BR, Prusky
  7. My spooky Raid boss is: Death Lord Ipos pruskanka
  8. Guys, this is good read all these improvements, but nobody read this probably I dont understand why NCSOFT not increase map... Locations are there so its simply from my point of view..
  9. Hello, yes please we want to answers... For aden there are many news, also forum lives... So Clasic will go to out? Or what is future for clasic? BR, pruskanka
  10. Hello @Juji, Before 4 month you promised to us update back VIP1 of Aden1. We want some explanation or update. Thank you
  11. prusky


    Hello. Dance of vampire & chant of vampire working also for mage and archers? Thanks
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