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  1. Hello. It will be fine open old locations for example from C4. Forestet of the dead Stakato nest Catacomb in aligator island (Saints Necropolis) Catacomb in Gorgon flower garden is there but is not open Necropolis of Martyrdom. Beast farm also please add very nice town Heine and Rune. If GM open this location it will be many place for farm. And this will solved problem with pk and find spot for farm...
  2. Hello Admins, as you can see nobody (few players here) playing: IT, Dragon valley, lover giant cave , varka, ketra.... Rest of locations are overloads and find new slots in cata, is imposible... Maybe is time to open new locations or decrease mobs demage.... Thank you for your answer. Also thanks to other players for your future comments in this topic. Thanks, and all be Healthy!!! in game Pruskanka
  3. Hello, these monsters dropped only life stones. So please add something here for example cloth piece, now monsters are without drop Cursed Soul Pearl Horror 75 Devils Isle 1 0.5% — 1% Nephilim Swordsman 67 The Patriots Necropolis 1 0.1% — 0.5% Netherworld Royal Guard 69 Catacomb of the Forbidden Path 1 0.1% — 0.5% Purgatory Shadow 72
  4. Hello, do you have same problem? My clients were disconnected today many times. I open ticket for this, because my friends have same problems as me: #23604010
  5. Hello, this is only one way how to upgrade soulbow? https://l2wiki.com/classic/Soul_Bow#Item Upgrade%3A Head Blacksmith Soul Bow +12 Normal 200,000,000 adena Crystal (A-grade) — 16000 pcs. Weapon Varnish (A-grade) — 10 pcs. Success Shyeed's Bow +11 — 1 pcs.
  6. If you farming with tank doom light /PL is enough. Solo is fine BW hevy. If you have adena: MJ light is the best choice.
  7. Hi. This is working: XP/SP +50% while hunting
  8. please share what dropped new WB orfen 85, aq 85, Baium 86, core 85. Thank you
  9. Hi. Suspicious Safe is tradeable? Thx prusky
  10. Hi I not recieved pls send again
  11. Yes please. Mail to: pruskanda
  12. Please guy share with me how this macro works. Thanks pruskanka in game
  13. prusky


    this recipes are not in classic. Blacksmith in town Will create this for you.
  14. please share what dropped new WB orfen 85, aq 85, Baium 86, core 85. Thank you
  15. Yep. This Will be fine know what mob drop I also want this..
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